Students shake fear of earthquake disaster


CSUN students practice safety tactics in an earthquake simulator for the “Beat the Quake” event at the Bayramian lawn April 28. From left, Senior Nestor Nieves, Junior Salvador Perez, Senior Kimberlu Antezana, and visiting participant Bridgett. Photo credit: Sarai Henry

James Fike

In 1994, Northridge suffered an earthquake with a 6.7 magnitude. Given the lack of recent earthquakes, it would seem Northridge is due for a tremor, which leaves some individuals on edge.

To help ease fears, the Department of Police Services, in collaboration with CSUN Dining, University Student Housing, University Student Union and the Geology Department, have put together an earthquake preparedness event, according to The Unveristy Corporation Program and Marketing Manager Susan Dickman.


The main attraction of the event featured a live-action escape room, which simulates an earthquake through the use of sounds, Jenny Novak said. Novak is one of the leaders of the event.

This room requires people who are participating to solve puzzles related to earthquake preparedness. Courtney Van Zanten, a CSUN sophomore, said she feels more prepared after participating in the activity.

“I feel more informed now,” Van Zanten said.

Madelyn Teague, a sophomore, said it was an adrenaline rush to participate in the event. She said the piece of advice she would pass on to students is for them to take cover.

Van Zanten’s advised individuals to, “drop, cover and hold on,” during a quake.

Teague said this event would help people, find out different ways to prepare yourself for an earthquake.

Students from Geology 104 will present their projects, according to Novak.

All students received neon pink snap bracelets. The bracelets feature the seismograph reading from the 1994 quake. Some other prizes will include portable first aid kits and water bottles that read, “Shake Out,” on them.