Match Up With The Matadors


Jeremy Degraffenreidt waits for a pass from a fellow teammate against Tulsa. Photo Credit: Kendall Faulkner

Glory Rose Cruz

Ariana Tran's roster photo. Photo Credit: Go Matadors
Ariana Tran’s roster photo. Photo Credit: Go Matadors

Ariana Tran, 21, begins her fourth year playing for the CSUN women’s soccer team. Tran, originally from San Diego, is a public health major who enjoys spending her free time participating in outdoor activities like hiking and hanging out at the beach with friends. Tran also enjoys eating Asian food and if she could learn to do anything, it would be to play the piano. Her ideal career is to become a doctor of osteopathic medicine, which she is well on her way to doing. She is proud to have achieved a 3.5 GPA and above throughout her years at CSUN. The best event she experienced this summer was attending a music festival. She also enjoys listening to a variety of music which she happily sings loudly in her car. Her biggest pet peeve is the unbearable loudness of chewing. For Tran, her mother is an inspirational person who motivates her to succeed. While playing college soccer is an important achievement for her, she also considers it to be one of the hardest thing she has experienced. She encourages other college students to go for everything they want without holding back.

Jeremy Degraffenreidt's roster photo. Photo credit: Go Matadors
Jeremy Degraffenreidt’s roster photo. Photo credit: Go Matadors

Off the field, CSUN’s soccer player, Jeremy Degraffenreidt, utilizes his free time to play video games, sleep, and watch TV. Originally from Baltimore, Md., Degraffenreidt is a third year majoring in communications with aspirations of becoming a professional soccer player or having a career in radio. Degraffrenreidt enjoys listening to hip hop along with R&B music and he hopes to further his singing skills. Winning the National Championship has been one of his proudest achievements. His parents, siblings, and teammates have inspired him the most throughout his life. Besides going three days without sleep, Degraffenreidt’s favorite day is Friday. He considers himself to be an outgoing individual.

Daniella Molinari’s roster photo. Photo Credit: Go Matadors

Middle blocker, Daniella Molinari, 19, is a freshman playing for CSUN’s volleyball team this fall. She is majoring in speech pathology and is originally from Pompano Beach, Fla. Her favorite campus spots are the Arbor Grill and the Market Place at the Sierra Center. When having free time, Molinari catches up on school work and relaxes. Her ideal career would be to become a pathologist to work with children and help them communicate. Molinari’s biggest achievement is winning the state championship her senior year in high school. Her favorite food is pizza and if she could travel anywhere it would be Italy. The hardest thing Molinari has gone through is having to recover from an accident. Molinari also owns two dogs, three turtles and six birds. One of her proudest moments is being named Player of the Year in the county back in Miami, Fla. Besides being a hardworking volleyball player she considers herself to be a great communicator and can’t wait to play with her teammates this volleyball season.