Letter to the editor


Dear Terrorist Extremists,

I must apologize for the way my country has acted toward you in the course of the past few decades. We never quite used the amount of lethal force we should have when dealing with you. As a result, things have been getting way out of hand.

I just wanted to let you know that I realize this and I do feel guilty. We let thousands of American troops die because some political figures felt it inhumane to take the amount of action that was justly deserved against a group whose main purpose in life is to destroy us and what our great nation stands for.

There’s nothing my nation can do to make up for what we’ve done. I know we try. We say that we’re building new schools, but you keep blowing them up because you care nothing for your fellow countrymen or their children.

We say we’re rebuilding your governments, but you only care about strengthening your own personal religious faction so you kill the officials your countrymen elect and slay the police force we have trained to protect your people.

We want to do good in the world, but our healing is hampered by your harm. Maybe someday we’ll realize that trying to be diplomatic with your kind is impossible and we’ll institute “shoot on sight” in the rules of engagement.

You must think that we’re just some weak nation who would allow such malicious and evil acts to go about unchecked. I know it looks this way to every college kid who has a computer and a delusion of political understanding because they watch the news goes on and on about how peace is the only answer, but this isn’t the intention of the majority of us.

Some of us, like myself, gladly joined the Armed Forces in a time of war to get a chance at stopping each and every one of you who spread fear and oppression in the world.

Please, take our attacks personally. We do it to those who have brought it upon themselves. Just ask the people of Vietnam, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You’ve killed a lot of people who we don’t even make contact with, but instead of allowing you to kill others, we’re stepping in to put a stop to it.

Know that we’re not alone in our efforts to crush the likes of you. Just ask the people of the United Kingdom, who joined us in our battle for the invasion of Iraq. Or ask the Iraqi people who danced in the streets when we removed Saddam Hussein from power.

A lot of us don’t agree with how our country does things, and a lot more of them don’t know that this kind of thing is going on. They are usually one and the same. Please take these things into consideration while reading letters like the one from Mr. William Kammer (“Letter from the editor,” Sept. 11 issue).

Mr. Kammer has even admitted, “I’m not sure how we wiggled our way into Iraq from Afghanistan after Saudi terrorists blew up some of our buildings,” showing he knows very little about what’s going on over in your part of the world. A lot of people like him are sorry for what we as a nation have done, but they don’t know any better.

How can we stop evil people like you with people around who feel the need to defend you? Once we figure that out, hopefully we can introduce you to the full power of our military, for you’ve only been allowed a small taste of what we can do.

Until then, please cover your heads and know we will find you. This could take a while, but we’re willing to be patient because we know what we’re doing is right.


James Wolf Sophomore, Information Systems

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