Finance committee recommends magazine, club funding

Megan McFadden

The Associated Students Finance Committee approved to recommend funding for student organization campus events, student club representatives to attend conferences and lowered requested funding to their own proposals.

The seven-member committee recommended that $8,000 be allocated to the A.S. Visibility Committee as part of the proposed A.S.-sponsored entertainment and lifestyle magazine, No Bull. Visibility Director Zach Mendelsohn requested $16,000 to cover total expenses of production of the magazine that’ll not cover campus events, news, or politics.

“We’ll front partial,” said finance committee member Jim Palmer during deliberation of how much to allocate. Mendelsohn, he said, can “work his heart out and get the rest.”

No Bull would be issued once a semester until it “eventually will generate profit,” Mendelsohn said. He said full page advertisements will be sold to the community for a $1,000 page, and the first issue is planned to have 19 pages of advertisements creating a revenue for A.S. Mendelsohn hasn’t sold any ads yet because the magazine hasn’t been entirely approved.

Mendelsohn also noted in his presentation to the finance committee that A.S. President Adam Haverstock supports the magazine and the first issue will feature “the best of the best” on housing, restaurants and school supplies that will be “really good freshmen.”

A.S. General Manager David Crandall said, “It’s hard to get a magazine started, but it doesn’t matter what I think.”

Palmer originally motioned to recommend $6,555 because “$8,000 was too high and $4,000 was too low” and $6,555 was a “good medium” and a “fun number.” But the committee agreed on recommending half of the funding needed and for the Visibility Committee to earn the rest.

A.S. Elections Committee also requested $10,188.96 in funding to purchase six new laptops to use during A.S. Elections held twice a year. Finance Committee voted to recommend $7,500 in funding and said the estimate provided by head technician, Steve De Luca, included unnecessary upgrades including a sound card and increased memory. The computers will be solely to navigate the Web and the hope is that they last for five years.

The Muslim Student Association was represented by finance committee member, Sundial staff writer and MSA co-president Zabie Mansoory to request $2,600 for their upcoming fasting fundraiser, Fast-A-Thon, and $5,750 for upcoming Ramadan activities including a toy drive, Eid Carnival and weekly potluck barbecue. The finance committee approved to give $300 for the Fast-A-Thon and $2,250 for Ramadan activities. Funding was limited for both events because A.S. doesn’t fund food, which was a main spending item for their activities.

Project D.A.T.E. received a $500 increase from last year’s $1,000 funding, but was less than half the amount the group requested.

Project D.A.T.E is a University Counseling Services and Valley Trauma Center-sponsored date rape and sexual assault prevention program for CSUN and the community. Project D.A.T.E. requested $3,670 primarily for advertisement materials and promoting the various activities they participate in on campus, including Take Back the Night, Walk A Mile In Her Shoes and U-Matter dor Fair, as well as funds needed for recruitment of peer educators. A variety of classes and workshops are hosted on campus for students and the community to learn about date rape and sexual assault.

Daniella Derenale a returning Project D.A.T.E. peer educator and CSUN psychology and deaf-studies major, said, “We’ve touched so many people.”

“It’s getting the word out there, especially to guys,” Derenale said.

“This is very important for the campus,” Mansoory said. “They do a lot of good work.”

Kamee Brown, a CSUN accounting staff member, said A.S. usually gives a “gradual increase.”

The finance committee approved to recommend giving $500 to Filipino American Student Association (FASA) to help with travel expenses for the Filipino American National History Society (FANHS) – LA Symposium’s keynote speakers, “Auntie Dorothy” and “Uncle Fred.” The two individuals co-founded FANHS and have people coming from across the U.S. to attend the symposium.

CSUN history graduate student, Henry Maar, received a recommendation of $300 to cover travel expenses to the conference on Illinois history. Maar was invited to present his research paper, “Tear Gas, Mace, Batons, Barbed Wire, Barricades, Yippies and a Pig for President: The Chicago Demonstrations of 1968.”

The finance committee also gave a boost in travel expenses of $600 to the Society of Consumer Affairs Program. Five of the student organization members will travel to Palm Springs to attend a SOCAP International Annual Conference. Businesses from across the world will be present to discuss consumer affairs. SOCAP requested $3,597.53 to cover registration fees and traveling expenses for all the students attending the conference. A.S. has a restriction of giving more than $300 per person for travel expenses and a $600 maximum for more than two people.

All approved and recommended items will be presented to the A.S. Senate for approval or modifications at the Senate Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

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