The Oasis is the Best of Both Worlds


Ashley Du

Casey McGinnis, 19-year-old left, and Glenn Zara, 20-year-old, enjoy the shade provided at the outside courtyard of the Oasis Wellness Center. (Ashley Du/The Sundial)

Cristina Pimentel

A scent of lavender rushes through your nostrils as you enter through the glass double doors. You come across an array of ivory couches and leather massage chairs patiently waiting to be occupied in the intimate, dimly lit room. An atmosphere of serenity surrounds you.

Students begin to file in quietly, making a beeline to the lounge area to begin the rejuvenating part of their day.

The Oasis Wellness Center located at the University Student Union invites students to a place where they can unwind and manage stress. It offers nutrition counseling, meditation, massages, acupuncture, nap pods and lounge areas to promote academic success.

When it first opened in Fall 2015, many students began taking advantage of the new sanctuary. Not only has it made an improvement in their studies, but it has welcomed them into a home where they feel comfortable to nurture their health and wellness. Up to this day, the Oasis is still the place to be.

“Last year, I would come here almost every day,” said Biology major Stephanie Badra. “The first time I came with my roommate and right away we were both like, ‘okay this is our new spot!’”

Badra explained how it’s hard for her to focus in class when she’s tired from a long day. But coming to the Oasis helps her catch up on sleep and take her mind off things. The naps she takes on the soft couches in the outdoor lounge help prepare her for the next class and she is ready to complete her day.

The contemplation botanical garden with large umbrellas, lounge chairs, and water fountain attracts the students as they soak up the California sun.

“I almost fell asleep just sitting on this bench,” said Psychology major, Jose Hernandez. “I’m pretty sure students are already under a lot of stress from classes, so this gives them a place to recharge during their gaps [in between classes].”

Despite the many options CSUN provides as a place to study, The Oasis is usually the top choice for most students. Now they have a bigger incentive to complete their assignments, as a massage or even a reiki therapy session awaits them as soon as they’re done.

“It’s completely different from the library,” said Kinesiology major Cynthia Martinez. “I feel like it’s a lot louder in there, but I feel like at the Oasis I’m actually able to do my work and study.”

Martinez comes to the Oasis at least three times a week in between classes. The calmness and quiet helps her get a lot more homework done than she does at any other place.

“I feel like it’s just very peaceful,” she said. “I really like it here.”

The Oasis has done a lot more than just provide study spaces for students in the past year. It has helped them take care of themselves as individuals. In order for them to succeed academically on a daily basis, it’s important to also focus on their well-being first and foremost.

Being at the Oasis has benefitted each of them.

Juggling homework assignments and studying for tests can be hectic, but here, a source of destress is just a step away. It’s the best of both worlds.

“Finally, someone thought to build a place like this,” said Biology major, Rosemary Ramirez.