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Soccer players prepare for life off field

Aggie mid-fielder Roisin Allaeddini(L) tries to retain the ball after a steal by Matador Sylvia Trinh(R) on Sept. 30, 2016. Photo credit: Max Zeronian

The seniors of the CSUN women’s soccer team will be playing their last regular season game together on Oct. 30. The team hopes to end their ride on a high note as the top four teams make the Big West Women’s Soccer Tournament. The team currently sits in sixth place with seven games to go. When these seniors arrived at CSUN as freshman, they won their first ever Big West Tournament title. But the team hasn’t been back to the championship game since. We caught up with a few of the seniors and asked them about what this journey has meant to them:

Q1: What has been your favorite moment of the season thus far? How about your career?

Q2: What is the biggest thing you have taken away from your time at CSUN?

Q3: Do you have any plans to play soccer after you graduate? If not what are your plans after you graduate?

Q4: What advice would you give to an incoming freshman joining the soccer team?

Q5: If you could sum up your CSUN experience in one word or phrase, what would that be?

Midfielder/Forward Camille Watson

A1: “Scoring against Marquette on Sunday, it was a great team play. My freshman year we had 10 seconds left to go and Breezy scored the goal in the last 10 seconds and we won the game from that goal.”

A2: “Time management.”

A3: “I don’t have any plans, if the opportunity presented itself I might go after it. As of now I want to go to law school and just continue my education there.”

A4: “Plan out your day in advance so that you have enough time to do things such as take a nap or homework. Just focus on school your first priority is school.”

A5: “No soda”

Midfielder/Forward Kourtney Kutscher

A1: “Scoring against Marquette, same as Camille. Getting first team (all conference) last year.”

A2: “To prioritize everything, eliminate distractions and to focus on school and soccer.

A3: “Yeah I might play in Sweden after.”

A4: “I would say time management and then I would say eliminate as many distractions as you can outside your goals.”

A5: “Amazing.”

Defender Briana Geffre

A1: “Beating Ball State because it was a group effort and high energy the whole game. Two years ago when we had our Santa Barbra and SLO (San Luis Obispo Women’s Soccer) weekend and we won both games.”

A2: “Meeting new people and friendships.”

A3: “Just looking into kinesiology options. Looking into adaptive P.E. or working with kids with physical disabilities.”

A4: “Time management and making sure you get everything done on and off the field.”

A5: “Memorable.”

Midfielder Sylvia Trinh

A1: “Playing in San Diego to see all my family and friends. My freshman year when the team won the tournament against Fullerton in 2012.”

A2: “Time management.”

A3: I want to work in San Diego, find a job as an engineer and then hopefully get my masters in a couple of years.”

A4: “Be positive because that is what is going to get you through.”

A5: “Everything is awesome.”

Midfielder Breanna McCallum

A1: “Passing my fitness test for the last year, I’ll never have to do that again. Scoring in the last second against Houston (in 2013).”

A2: “I think you should prioritize your soccer, school, family, everything.”

A3: “Planning on furthering my career in accounting and hopefully being a CPA.”

A4: “Be a hard worker, when all else fails just keep working hard.”

A5: “Adventurous.”

Defender Nicole Thompson

A1: “Breaking the record for amount of shutouts in a row. I scored a goal once in spring.”

A2: “Just being able to have time management and prioritize everything.”

A3: “I want to be a structural engineer and design buildings and bridges and stuff.”

A4: “Give 100 percent all the time and it will pay off.”

A5: “Enjoyable”

Midfielder Taylor Hobson

A1: “When we came back from losing 2-0 last game against Marquette. Getting honor roll mention for my senior year.”

A2: “Time management.”

A3: “Child development because that’s my major so working with children.”

A4: “Act more mature than you are.”

A5: “Adventurous.”

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