Crime Blotter for October 24-30

Art piece shows the words Crime Blotter above a pair of open handcuffs and a crushed beer can

Samantha Gullikson

Monday, Oct. 24

– An unsecured bicycle was stolen from outside UPA 15.

– Two residents of UPA 3 were referred for drug-law violations.

Tuesday, Oct. 25

– An unknown suspect broke into a storage bin at the Satellite Student Union and stole both the lock to the bin and the pastry shipment that was inside.

– A hit-and-run occurred when an unknown suspect struck a vehicle in the B3 parking structure and failed to report the incident.

Wednesday, Oct. 26

– Three thumb drives were left in a classroom in Jacaranda Hall and were found to contain pornographic images.

– A hand sweeper, a lamp, and a fork were stolen by a known suspect from an apartment in UPA 7.

– A suspect was arrested for obstructing a police officer at Jacaranda Hall. The suspect was booked and issued a seven-day stay-away order.

Thursday, Oct. 27

– One resident of UPA 7 was referred for a drug violation.

– A suspect was arrested in the B5 parking structure for displaying an unauthorized disabled placard in their vehicle.

Friday, Oct. 28

– A suspect was arrested near campus for driving without a license and no proof of registration or insurance. The suspect was released at the scene with a notice to appear.

– Items were stolen from a recycling bin in Sierra Hall by a known suspect.

Saturday, Oct. 29

– Chalk was used to vandalize the first and second floor stairwells of Sierra Hall.