Crime Blotter for November 7-13

Colorful painting which reads, Crime Blotter shows a pair of opened handcuffs and crushed beer can

File Photo/ The Sundial

Samantha Gullikson

Monday, Nov. 7

-An unknown suspect broke into a vending machine inside the Art and Design Center and stole the coin box.

Tuesday, Nov. 8

-A vehicle was egged by an unknown suspect near the intersection of Lindley Avenue and Kinzie Street.

Wednesday, Nov. 9

-A trash can belonging to the university was damaged when an unknown suspect skateboarded over it.

Thursday, Nov. 10

-Gift cards were stolen by an unknown suspect from an envelope inside a community mailbox in UPA 9.

-The lock was broken off a locker inside the Student Recreation Center’s women’s locker room and the contents of the locker were stolen by an unknown suspect.

-An unknown suspect broke a plate belonging to a resident of UPA 5.

Friday, Nov. 11

-A suspect was arrested for driving with a suspended license, driving under the influence, unsafe speed, and a red light violation near the intersection of Reseda Boulevard and Plummer Street. The suspect was transported to the CSUN police station by a CSUN police officer for booking.

-An unknown suspect attempted to grab a victim by the top handle of her backpack as the suspect walked by.

Saturday, Nov. 12

-Two residents of UPA 21 were referred for drug-law violations.

Sunday, Nov. 13

-A padlock was stolen from the perimeter gate of the G7 parking lot by an unknown suspect.