Women’s tennis defeats Westmont in home-opener


A serve from Elisa Elhadj during her single’s match against Westmont’s Cade Pierson on Jan. 30. Photo credit: Tera Trujillo

Tera Trujillo

CSUN women’s tennis senior Samantha Judan and sophomore Elisaveta Nosenko shut out Westmont’s Zerina Huber and Sienna Verdolt proving they make a great team.

The first and second court doubles matches both ended in a 6-2 victory for the Matadors.

“It was my first game playing for CSUN,” Nosenko said. “I am really excited for us to have a good season.”

It was sophomores Elisa Elhadj and Skyla Alcon who played on the first court and gained a speedy 5-0 lead, but Westmont came back with a two game winning streak finishing the score at the first court 6-2.

Junior Kiryang Kim and freshman partner Emma Roenholt started their doubles match with even scoring 1-1, but quickly gained momentum and beat Westmont 6-2.

“Today’s match was a good mental challenge for us,” Kim said. “I will need to work on my returns for next week’s games.”

As for the single’s matches, it was a 2-0 shutout for Kim, Roenholt and senior Kristen Poei.

That put the Matadors at a 4-0 victory against Westmont before the other three matches finished.

Following the win, Elhadj, Alcon and senior Vivan Lin closed the day with victories as well. This made for a 6-0 shutout for the Matadors.

Alcon came back from a 1-0 deficit and won her single’s match 2-1.

“You don’t play your best every day, but if you can problem solve and work through it like Sky did you will come out just fine,” said head coach Gary Victor.

It was an impressive sweep as the number one seat for the Matadors senior Mickey Hsu was unable to play today due to illness.

“Getting healthy will be important for next week’s matches,” Victor said.“But, it is awesome to have new players like Elisa, playing number one and Lisa with her capabilities that keep improving.”

The Matadors have a match Feb. 3 at 1 p.m. at Hawaii Pacific University.