Health center offers students relief to finals week stress

Maria Martinez

Stress is something most college students deal with during their university life. Considering all the factors that contribute to stress such as jobs, friends, family and school. As finals week approaches, stress can consume students’ lives.

Sharon Aronoff, health educator for the Klotz Student Health Center, said stress and people’s reactions to it are different for everyone.

“Stress manifests itself in different ways for different people,” Aronoff said.

Aronoff said it’s important for people to identify negative things they do when they’re stressed and try to figure out what they can do to about it.

The health center offers a variety of services that can help students combat stress. There’s low-cost massage therapy, acupuncture sessions, a chiropractor, and meditation and yoga classes.

Aronoff said the Student Health Center has also set up an area in the University Student Union called the Living Well Lounge, where students attain information.

“It’s a relaxed environment,” Aronoff said.

At the lounge, students address their wellness needs in a variety of ways. The private room includes contact information for the health center, a DVD viewing area with a 46-inch screen, pamphlets, peer health educators and books.

Janis Martin, a wellness coach and behavior change specialist, said that when students come to her, they can expect support.

Martin said she wants students to know they can talk to her in a safe place with non-judgment.

Martin said she can work with students on alcohol and tobacco-related issues, stress management and other things that can add to stress.

Psychology professor Ron Doctor said, “Most anxiety students feel is toward failure. It’s all self-induced stress.”

“Do a little studying, pull back, take a break, and go back and do some more studying,” Doctor said.

Doctor said students should change their habits.