Proposed bill to consider free feminine hygiene products


Photo Illustration Photo credit: Alejandro Aranda

Tera Trujillo

The inevitable monthly burden of the menstrual cycle can be expensive and unpredictable, but with the AB-10 revisions that annoyance may be of the past.

If the bill passes, it would force California State Universities along with public schools to provide feminine hygiene products in every bathroom on the premises.

“AB-10 states that all schools (middle schools, high schools) and all colleges in California need to provide an adequate supply of feminine products, meaning pads and tampons, in women’s restrooms,” said Hannah Liberman, Associated Students (AS) senator of human health and development. “It would be up to the universities to pay and install them in their campuses.”

According to Newsweek, New York public schools passed this legislation in July 2016, which ensured free access to feminine hygiene products.

“Why not just jump on this and be a progressive university,” Liberman said.

Klotz Student Health Center educator, Sharon Aoronoff, says the Klotz Student Health Center cannot give out any feminine hygiene products but there are many free and low-cost services that are available to students.

According to Ute Anderson, an intern at the CSUN Women’s Research and Resource Center, CSUN currently provides women’s hygiene products at the CSUN Women’s Research and Resource Center. Students can pick up free tampons, pads, and pantyliners.

“I think having access to free products would be pretty cool because you never know when you’ll need one,” said Silvia Manon, a childhood development major. “I think it would be very helpful.”

**This article has been modified to include that the CSUN Women’s Research and Resource Center provides women’s hygiene products.