Crime Blotter week 9/19

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Lauren Turner Dunn

Tuesday, Sept. 12

Dorm residents in the University Park Apartment buildings 5, 8 and 13 were referred for drug and alcohol-law violations.

A suspect stole a bike that was secured to a bike rack with a cable lock, near the University Park Apartments building 3. Officials are still investigating.

Wednesday, Sept. 13

A bike was stolen by Building 13 in the dorms after the victim left his bike outside the building.

A hit-and-run accident happened in the B2 parking lot, around 5 p.m. Officials are still investigating and trying to find the suspect.

An unknown suspect stole clothing from a dryer in the laundry room at the University Park Apartments.

Thursday, Sept. 14

An unknown suspect broke into a storage shed on the women’s softball field and stole nine backpacks with equipment.

Friday, Sept. 15

Officers responded to a suspect who was sleeping in a study room in the Oviatt Library. The suspect had a controlled substance and was under the influence. He was transported to the hospital and officials are still investigating.

Two suspects stole a backpack after a woman left it with them at Matador Nights. She left the backpack with them because backpacks are not allowed.

A suspect used a black marker to write graffiti on a wall in the men’s restroom in Redwood Hall on the first floor.

Saturday, Sept. 16

At an unknown time a suspect used a red marker to write graffiti on 59 desks and a dry erase board in a classroom in Live Oak Hall.

Sunday, Sept. 17

Three men stole a bike that was secured to a bike rack with a cable lock, near the Oviatt Library. The suspects fled the location before officers arrived. Officials are still investigating.