Crime Blotter 9/22-9/28

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Photo credit: Kiv Bui

Lauren Turner Dunn

Friday, Sept. 22

A bike with a lock on the front wheel was stolen near the F9 parking lot.

Monday, Sept. 25

There is a search for stolen bikes that were secured to racks near Cypress Hall and the University Park Apartments, Building 5 continues.

Tuesday, Sept. 26

A vehicle was stolen in the G1 parking lot and the incident was observed on the campus’ CCTV system. The suspect was later arrested off campus by an LAPD unit and the vehicle was recovered.

Wednesday, Sept. 27

Someone scratched the trunk and bumper of a vehicle in the G3 parking structure.

A known suspect damaged a bedroom door at the University Village Apartments, Building J. The suspect left before officers arrived.

A verbal altercation in the B6 parking lot led to an assault with a deadly weapon when a suspect drove her car directly toward a victim at a high speed rate. The attempt to frighten the suspect resulted in CSUN officers arresting the suspect and transporting her to LAPD Van Nuys jail for booking.

The investigation is still on-going to find the person who falsely pulled a fire alarm in Juniper Hall.

Thursday, Sept. 28

A known suspect put their hand on a victim’s mouth while they were riding on an Access bus near Sierra Hall, officials are still investigating.

Reports of an unknown suspect, who used blue ink to write graffiti on a bench outside of Juniper Hall is being investigated.

A CSUN officer arrested someone for having an unauthorized disabled parking placard in the B3 structure. The suspect was later released with a notice to appear.