The media may have taken away Clinton’s chances

Betsy Garcia

For the past few months, Americans have been watching the televised presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. We have seen how dramatically their demand has changed since the beginning of this campaign. When the fight first began, people thought for certain that in the end Clinton would be facing off the Republican nominee, but fast-forward to today and you hear people giving Clinton no hope of winning the duel between Obama and herself. I was recently having a conversation about this with one of my professors and we both came up with the question, did American media give Clinton a chance in the Democratic presidential race?

Obama won Vermont, gaining 12 victories over Clinton. Clinton did win Rhode Island, Texas and Ohio, but on the other hand, Obama does have the majority of the delegates overall. Unfortunately for those rooting for Clinton, she was faced with a shortage of delegate votes that she needed to keep from falling further behind Obama, whom realistically may win.

I personally believe the media has killed and destroyed Clinton throughout this campaign. It may not have been until last weekend where Clinton had to stand up for herself and mention how she feels about how all the debates have been done, where Clinton was always asked the first questions, giving an advantage to Obama.

Among my own peers, I found it very odd how it became the new cool thing to be backing up Obama. But is that a good enough reason to make him president? Because it is a cool thing to do? Partly, I believe the media rules my peers and me. We follow it and live by it, the probable cause for us backing up Obama.

The democratic candidates have been giving each other a lot of blows. Obama was being seen as the one who would not really give a clear understanding of what he stood for and was willing to offer us; while Clinton was seen as the one who’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, was doing the work for her.

The media got incredibly cruel describing Clinton in the past months. They kept on saying she had no chances of winning the presidency and how desperate she had become.??I hear the media putting across such words as, “the curtain is closing on the entire Clinton Era,” and “Hillary’s resignation from the race after next Tuesday’s primaries is a huge possibility.” Hearing something like that only encourages other people to vote for Obama because they may think their vote will be wasted if we vote for Clinton.

?I do not have anything against Obama, but I feel as if he really hasn’t given us a true answer to why he should be president. I just do not support how the media turned on Clinton and have given the presidency vote to Obama. The democratic nominee will be seen as one elected by the media if Obama wins.

Even without the support of the media; it was good to see Clinton show no sign of surrender. People are getting nasty and using a lot of tactics in this presidential debate, but I still believe that if there had not been any games or bribes or other wrongdoings, then it could have been anyone’s game.