Students react to the World Series Final match-up at Pub Sports Grill


Dodgers Fans and CSUN Students, Daniel Reyes (left) and Beverly Figueroa (middle left) watch the Astros take to the field after beating out the Dodgers in the World Series 2017. Photo credit: Aaron Lanuza

Aaron Lanuza

The Pub Sports Grill at the University Student Union was crowded with students and baseball fans Wednesday evening as the World Series final match-up between The Houston Astros and The Los Angeles Dodgers broadcasted live and on almost all the television sets in the building.

“At 5 [p.m.] they started to come,” said The Pub Sports Grill supervisor, Rose Quinto. “[They sold a lot of] beer, food and everything.”

CSUN students Stephanie Gonzalez (left) and Anais Gonzalez (right) sit in front row and at the edge of the stage where the game is projected. They are reacting to a base run by the Dodgers. Photo credit: Aaron Lanuza

Dodger Fan Eddie Cavazos ate a cheeseburger during the bottom of the sixth inning as he sat in the front row and at the edge of the stage where the game was being projected.

“We’re down right now but hopefully it will go better though,” Cavazos said. “We’re starting to come back.”

At the bottom of the sixth inning, the Dodgers score their first run. Four CSUN students rooting for the Dodgers, Eleesa Archly (left), Robert Moreno (middle left), Enock Villalobos (far right), Aman Sharma (middle right, standing). Photo credit: Aaron Lanuza

CSUN student and local resident Jose Rivera, an Astros fan, sat with his five friends who are all Dodgers fans.

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Dodger fan Rudy Olivares, Left, and Astros fan Jose Rivera, Right, watching the bottom of the eighth inning of the World Series at the CSUN Sports Pub. The score is 5 -1, Astros. Photo credit: Aaron Lanuza

“Hopefully Houston wins so they can win for the city because they went through the hurricanes and all that.” Rivera said. “And they’ve never won.”

CSUN student, Victor Camacho, has been watching the final game of the World Series at a booth that sits below a broadcasting television. He's seen here reacting to the Dodger's third out at the bottom of the 7'th inning. The score is 5 - 1, Astros are up. Photo credit: Aaron Lanuza

The Houston Astros made history as they won game seven and took the 2017 World Series championship title for the first time.

Dodger fan and Graduate Student at CSUN, Ken Cooper, Left, and Baseball fan, Derek Ciufo, Right, Reacting to the bottom of the ninth inning of the World Series at the CSUN Sports Pub. The score is 5 -1, Astros. The moment the Dodgers received their final out. Photo credit: Aaron Lanuza