Crime Blotter 11/29-12/5

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Alin Boughousi

Crime Blotter 11/29-12/5




At the UPA 15, four residents were referred to alcohol law violations.

At UPA 15, one resident was reported to disciplinary actions for drug violations.

An unknown suspect stole a victim’s bag that was left alone at UPA 5.

A known suspect has entered USU Mercado on several occasions and stolen food and drinks.




At Nordhoff Street and Lindley Avenue, a CSUN officer arrested a suspect with a suspended license and was then released.

At UPA 19, a known suspect entered a victim’s home without permission and not leaving.

In parking structure B3, an unknown suspect hit the victim’s vehicle without leaving information.

Vandalism was reported at the tennis court when the suspect used silver paint to write graffiti on three steps, water fountain facing the tennis court.

Another reported vandalism took place at parking structure B3, when the suspect used blue ink on a stairwell support rail.



At the Physical Plant Management vandalism was reported. The unknown suspect used black spray paint to write graffiti on side of it.

An assault was reported at UPA 3, an argument ensued and a female suspect who was known to the victim was punched.

At UPA 3, an unknown suspect stole a victim’s skateboard from his residence.

Vandalism was reported at Manzanita Hall as an unknown suspect used black spray paint to write graffiti on a cart.



At UPA 5, an unknown suspect entered the victim’s residence and stole a laptop and some cash.