Bike to campus for less


The new LimeBike’s lined up and ready for use outside of Manzanita Hall Photo credit: Adriana Rubio

Daisy Orozco

A new transportation alternative is available on campus as students can now rent bicycles for 50 cents per half hour provided by the bicycle-sharing company, LimeBike.

LimeBike is incorporated into 11 universities across the nation and was founded in June 2017 on the question “How do we ensure future generations will not only be able to live on a healthy planet, but actually thrive?

Incorporating bikes that produce absolutely no carbon footprint can help save the planet little by little and makes transportation easier for students to get to campus or wherever they need to go.

“[It’s] an affordable way for students to move around campus, making it a faster transportation and improving parking spaces,” Operations Manager of Los Angeles for LimeBike,Tyler Hendershot said. Adding that he sees no negatives or injuries with bikes being implemented on campus.

All students need to do is download the app on their mobile devices.On the app, students must make a profile and input credit/debit card credentials. They will then be able to see where the bikes are located.

To unlock and use a bike, the student must scan a QR code found on the back of the bike with the app, then ride away to their destination. Unlike other bikes where you must return it to a specific dock, these bikes can be docked at any of the LimeBike locations. Once done, the student must close the back lock and may look at their distance and the total of their ride.

“[It’s] a great help to the majority of students who walk everywhere,” 21-year-old biochemistry major, Alex Alon said.

The bike also has a basket attached which Alon called a “blessing.”

“I usually carry a lot of things with me and it can get very exhausting walking around with my hands full,” Alon said. “With these bikes, I can just put a majority of my stuff in the front basket and get to my destination a lot faster with less hassle.”

With college costs and personal expenses, LimeBike is affordable at $1 and hour. Students who use the tram can get to class and other destinations on time.