Protestors lose their voice in Olympic torch relay

Tiffany Kelly


San Francisco is the current city that the Olympic torch is being toured through. Ironically enough, the torch relay is named “Journey of Harmony,” which shows China’s complete ignorance of the protests. San Francisco’s tour came after a rough journey through Paris, where it was extinguished several times before being moved to a bus.

Demonstrators who climbed cables on the Golden Gate Bridge in S.F. were arrested for putting up signs that read “One World, One Dream,” and “Free Tibet 08.” It is unreasonable that people are getting arrested for voicing their opinion in a non-violent manner. It is in fact the government who is making these protests violent by tackling down people and arresting others.

The Free Tibet Campaign started in 1987 with the goal of informing people about China’s involvement in Tibet. The campaign also has a petition to allow journalists safe access to Tibet, available at

Hopefully, as more news coverage regarding the protests informs people about the lack of human rights China has, something will get done. We should not be happy that the Olympic games are to be held in Beijing, while ignoring the fact that humans are being tortured in Tibet.

A country that represents the Olympic games should be one that stands for equality and human rights.