Braswell, players weigh in on Jenkins

Alonso Tacanga

In a nut shell, most of the Matadors visited Jenkins, who was in an automobile accident Saturday, at the hospital and said he was in stable condition and that he talked to them, but with some difficulty. 

Forward Kenny Daniels, Jenkins’ roommate, said the point guard’s arms were bruised and that he might have had some internal pain. 

Most players I spoke to, who repeatedly said their prayers were with Jenkins and his family at this time, didn’t seem defeated at the prospect of having lost their senior leader for an indefinite amount of time.

No one said to know the circumstances in which the accident occurred. 

The word I heard the most around the locker room was “shock.”

“We’re just glad Josh’s alive. Everything happens for a reason,” Braswell said.

Reactions from Daniels, Therin Taylor, Rob Haynes, Deon Tresvant and Tremaine Townsend to come …