Sex, scandal and Marilyn Monroe

Megan McFadden

Nearly 50 years after her death, the 1950s glamour queen, Marilyn Monroe, is still making scandalous headlines.

The infamous voluptuous blonde made the mistake a few other 21st century blondes have and allegedly videotaped her sexual escapades. The difference? Marilyn’s home video is suspected to be with a Kennedy brother and the video sold for $1.5 million by a private buyer, who has vowed the video will stay sealed away from curious, public eyes.

In contrast to the last few years, Pamela Anderson’s home video became a top rental at video stores. Paris Hilton’s less than enthusiastic performance garnered Hilton sex tape preview parties and outrageous internet downloading.

The Monroe tape reaction only highlights the class lost in Hollywood and in society. We click away to see Britney and Lindsay not wearing underwear. Or Vanessa Hudgen’s and Audrina’s nude photos. Yet here one of the most iconic women will be respected and her private affairs not exploited. Is it the manner Marilyn carried herself during her time that demands respect? If she had walked around without panties would her fellatio performance be posted on But wasn’t she known for being a bit of a floozy? So is it out of respect for the deceased? The businessman only said the video would be kept private to prevent any damage to the image of Marilyn.

Then again, Britney and Lindsay have not come close to stardom of Marilyn. She is an icon, worshipped and idolized. Women have tried to recreate her curls, painted red lips and drew moles on their cheeks to try to hold a piece of her sex appeal.

Madonna and Cindy made attempts, but could not come through and so women across the world continue to copycat the one and only Marilyn.

Imagine the money that could be made by learning the secrets of Marilyn behind closed doors. Imagine the women and men who would gather to see what enticed so many famous men to her bed.

But, no, her tricks will remain concealed for now. The only two copies of the tape will reamin private. One locked up with the F.B.I. since the lucky man could possibly be John or Bobby, and the other locked up with the wealthy businessman.