Student dies, frat brothers remember him


Antonio Galvan Jr. was majoring in business at CSUN with the hopes of becoming the chief executive officer of a successful company and retiring by age 40.?This dream is no longer possible because his life was cut short on June 1. He was 28.

Galvan was driving home northbound on Interstate 5 south of Roxford Street in the early hours of the morning when he collided with another vehicle. Galvan lost control of his car, which careened across the lanes and went down the embankment landing in a nearby Motel 6 parking lot. He was ejected from the car.

Friends and family remember Galvan as a dreamer who lit up any room into which he walked.?

“Antonio always had a smile and a hug for everyone he came across,” said Vickie Euyoque, Galvan’s aunt. “He had a gorgeous smile. He’d fill the room and his family with love.”

Galvan was a member of the Beta Gamma Nu fraternity for several years while he attended CSUN.

“He was like my little brother,” said Miguel Gonzalez, founder of the fraternity. “He really was something else. He was a happy person. He was honored and respected in the fraternity.”

Gonzalez said he had to break the news about Galvan’s death to a lot of BGN fraternity members who were shocked and disturbed.

Michael Nassif, a BGN fraternity member, said, “Antonio Galvan was an easy-going, fun-to-be-around guy. He was a good friend and he will be missed.”

Fraternity brother John Gaxiola said,?”I just saw him on Thursday. I’m not an emotional person, but I’ve never had anyone close to me pass away.”

Gaxiola said he received the news via text message on the morning of the accident.

“I was crying when I found out,” Gaxiola said.?

“It’s weird. We were just hanging out, talking and laughing. We were talking about everything and anything,” Gaxiola said. “I didn’t know him very well on a personal level, but he was one of those guys you could just hang out with anytime.”