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4 Beers You Definitely Need to Try (and where to find them)


Being a student can be a very demanding and difficult experience. Doing homework, studying for tests, even finding parking every morning can all be very tedious. Although there are many healthy ways to cope with stress, drinking is not one of them. Nonetheless, if you still like to indulge yourself with a cold one, here is a a list of four delicious and unique beers that will sure help you relax after turning in that 10-page paper.

In order to elaborate this list, I gave myself the tough task of visiting different breweries around Northridge, making sure that each location was close enough to visit from the CSUN campus.

The list includes the type of beer, a little information about it, a short description and the website and location of the brewery where you can find it. (You’re welcome.)

1. “Q-cumber Pale-Michelada”

Served at San Fernando Brewing Company, this delicious pale ale has a hint of cucumber which is not overpowering to the palette. A pale ale is a middle ground beer between easy drinking pilsners and the more hoppy/bitters IPAs. This beer can also be served as a michelada, by adding tomato juice, lime, and chili, this beer will taste like if it was served to you by a “paletero man” in LA.

Address: 425 Park Ave, San Fernando, CA 91340 Web:

2.”Chatsworth Chai Stout”

Brewed and served at “Hand Brewed Beer” This beer tastes like a morning coffee without the caffeine kick. A stout is a style of beer which is mostly dark; they resemble chocolate coffee-like flavors and are considered to be a dessert-like drink, nonetheless this Chai Stout sure has everything to be a main dish.

Address: 9771 Variel Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311 Web:

3. “Jenny’s Chickens Saison”

Welcome back to beer 101. A saison is a type of beer original from Belgium, they were brewed in the last months of winter and stored to be served in summer to farm workers. (They are also called “farmhouse ales,” hence the chicken reference) Served at MacLeod brewing Co. This saison is a unique beer because of its peppery, limey taste, that make it a perfect refreshing choice after a hot day on campus.

Address: 14741 Calvert Street, Van Nuys, CA 91411 Web:

4.”Confuzzled Sour”

This fruity sour ale is made with pineapple, mango and guava which are re-fermented in french oak barrels. Now this style of beer is the result of high acidity caused by extended fermentation, they are not very common. We are truly lucky to have Cellador Ales be less than 15 minutes away from campus, and if you haven’t yet, you should make a trip and taste their beer. Also, their tasting room is beautiful and has many entertaining things to do.

Address: 16745 Schoenborn Street, North Hills, CA 91343 Web:



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