Does your car need a tune-up right away?

A man looks through a rotor disc

(Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times/MCT)


If your car is making a weird noise don’t be alarmed, it’s probably just because your music is off.

There are multiple signs to tell you when it’s time to get your annual checkup or any other issues with your vehicle. If your car is creating a noise such as a grinding or squealing, you should come to a complete stop to see what the problem is. Take note of how often the sound occurs and if it changes. This may be a sign of a brake problem.

“My car all of a sudden stopped and that’s when the dashboard light came on,” says Olivia Cordova. “I turned it off to make sure it was fully shutdown before I turned it on again. That’s when I knew it was time for a wheel alignment.”

There are many signs to know when your car should see a mechanic. Sometimes when pulling out of the driveway, if you see your car is leaking green liquid, it’s oil coming from the engine. If the oil hasn’t been changed in about 10,000 miles and is black and leaves a slickness on your fingers, that means there is an oil leak, and you should immediately get an oil change. Oil changes are fast and relatively cheap. There are different types of leaks such as transmission fluid, power-steering fluid, brake fluid, and more.

If an icon doesn’t light up on your dashboard then you are good to go. Just keep tabs on important numbers like the mileage on your car, oil levels and gasoline. Cars are very powerful machines that are meant to perform if they are kept in good condition.