Student-athlete arrested for alleged sexual assaults

Agustin Garcia

CSUN police arrested a student on suspicion of multiple sexual assaults on Friday and are asking for anyone who may have been victimized by him to contact the police.

A press conference was held announcing that 19-year-old CSUN athlete Davis Moreno-Jaime had been arrested.

“Let me say, particularly CSUN students, it does not matter where the crime occurred,” said CSUN Police Chief Anne Glavin, at the press conference. “Please just walk into one or the other police departments and report what happened. Telling us your story does not obligate you to see it through the full prosecution under law if that happens.”

CSUN President Dianne Harrison said in a statement that victims have the support of the CSUN community, and encourages them or anyone with information to contact the police.

“I want to make it clear that CSUN does not tolerate sexual assault, period,” said Harrison, at the press conference. “We do not take the crimes committed by or against members of our community lightly.”

According to CSUN’s athletics webpage, Davis Moreno-Jaime was in the 2017 men’s soccer team and graduated from Redlands High School.

Contact CSUN Detective Sgt. Rene Lino at (818) 677-6919 if you have any information.

This is an ongoing investigation and will be updated when more information is released.