Matador baseball will host second annual free youth camp



Senior pitcher Angel Rodriguez throws out Bret Barbier after a shallow ground ball. Photo credit: Max Sullivan

Justin Vigil

The baseball team will host its second annual Attitude for Gratitude camp on Oct. 13.

The camp is free and available to any youth baseball players ages looking for a different camp experience.

According to a video made by Attitude for Gratitude, youth sports have been highly monetized and has become inaccessible in certain demographics. The camp looks to break down the financial barrier many camps hold over many children.

The first camp was restricted to junior high players but this year’s camp will be extended to children as young as five with the age limit being early teens.

“We want to open up the camp, to benefit people, baseball players who would normally not attend the pay for play event,” said CSUN baseball coach Greg Moore. “Some people can’t afford camps. We can run a great camp here with our players and coaches. Why not invite people that have never been before?”

The one day event will take campers through the average day of a student athlete.

Last year’s camp, campers were taken back and forth between the classroom to Matador field several times getting a taste of the life student athletes.

Former student athlete Kevin Bettencourt joins the team as an assistant this year.

“This is a camp to help kids see what goes on in college baseball and what it takes to strive as a student athlete,” said Bettencourt, “It betters kids by [teaching] baseball skills, life tips and overall they have a better understanding of how to achieve in life and get into college.”

The classroom agenda entailed teaching campers more than just baseball. Life skills and finances were topics discussed by professionals brought in to aid the children.

According to Moore, sign-ups are expected to be released sometime in early September. Space is expected to be limited in the camp to around 125 campers.

“I want the students who are here now in college to help us fill the camp.” Moore said. “I want them to reach out their young [family] and invite them to come on Oct. 13 so we can fill the camp with people from the nearby community.”