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Students share their textbook preferences

Students vary in their preferences in digital and print textbooks. Photo Illustration by Sami Eshagi.

When it comes to textbooks, statistics say students seem to prefer the printed version rather than the digital one. However, students at CSUN vocalize otherwise.

Millennials are arguably the most technologically immersed generation, and with all the new tablets and laptops, using textbooks seems to be taking the vintage route.

According to the Los Angeles Times, 92 percent of students prefer print books to digital books. Students attribute their loyalty toward print textbooks as less distracting and less harmful to the eye.

However, speaking directly to students on campus, they paint a different picture of preference. Not only do students prefer digital books because they are easily accessible throughout all of their mobile devices, but they are less bulky, too.

“I prefer digital versions, books are overrated,” said 20-year-old CSUN student, Jennifer Gallegos.

CSUN student Marbella Ramos, 21, expressed how digital copies stimulate and entertain her more than print copies.

Although the tools to digitize every single document is widely available, the old fashioned way might be the only way for some students. Paper copies are allegedly better for comprehension and help when it comes to writing notes, according to some CSUN students.

“Sometimes your laptop can die and that way you don’t have access to PDF or digital versions of anything,” said CSUN student Nancy Ruiz.

There seems to be a debate on whether students prefer digital or print textbooks. Some prefer digital copies because of the accessibility, while others like to stick to the physical textbook.

Technology and mobility have influenced the way college students learn, and although the e-book industry is growing at a rapid rate, the majority of students are still using print textbooks like the many generations of students before.

Online markets — like Amazon, Chegg and even Barnes & Noble — provide students with both digital and print textbooks, although their biggest selling point may be the digital copies.

Many students find digital versions of textbooks convenient, while others see it as a distraction from their learning process.

With textbook rentals, the cost of used physical copies of books are more affordable to those students seeking to scribble on the pages of a textbook. When it comes to learning and studying with textbooks, millennials are at the heart of the debate over digital versus print.

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