Student Feature: 1 in 36,000

Wendy Barba

Vanessa Gonzales, 22. Photo Credit: Wendy Barba / Staff Photographer
Vanessa Gonzales, 22. Photo Credit: Wendy Barba / Staff Photographer

Despite not being admitted into the accounting program, CSUN student Vanessa Gonzales has figured out a way to overturn the negative response and accomplish more of her goals.

Gonzales, 22, a transfer student from Santa Monica College (SMC), has been waiting eagerly to see her name on the series of lists that are posted online indicating acceptance into the Accounting 350 class. Without the approval to enroll in this course, students will not be able to continue their academic career as accounting majors.

“It is so frustrating that I have been working toward this and now I don’t even know if I’ll get it,” Gonzales said.

Since her days as a high school student, she expressed interest in accounting. She then started working in an office at the age of 17 where she had the opportunity to see first hand what the job of an accountant entails.

The final list has been posted and the CSUN junior expresses that she is fearful she may have not been admitted into the accounting program due to an overall GPA differential of 0.2 from the required 3.0.

“At first I was very disappointed that one art history class I took at SMC years ago was now going to keep me from the major I intended. That class has nothing at all to do with my major, “ said Gonzales. “But I’m going to try to make the best of it. I’ll work toward bettering my GPA and since I’ll have to be here longer, I plan on double majoring in finance.”

There were a record number of applicants majoring in accounting for the fall semester. According to the department Web site, not all students who applied will be accommodated. Students are encouraged to apply next semester, as they do not receive nearly as many applicants in the spring.

Since the Accounting 350 class is a prerequisite to other courses, Gonzales will need to wait until Fall 2010 to take the upper division accounting classes. In the meantime, she plans on wasting no time. Until she can take Accounting 350, she will begin working towards her finance degree.