Mazzuto on Tresvant: “It’s unfortunate for all of us”

Alonso Tacanga

I spoke to CSUN Athletic Director Rick Mazzuto and while he said he wasn’t happy with Deon Tresvant being ruled out of Saturday’s game against Long Beach State – and quite possibly the rest of the season – he also made it clear he supported the unchanging of the guard’s playing status.

In fact, obviously, it’s been his call all along.

“I’m responsible for that decision (of Tresvant not playing),” Mazzuto said. “It’s unfortunate for all of us, but he’s facing felony charges and those are very serious. It makes sense to not play the student athlete. It’s just logic.”

Whether or not CSUN Head Coach Bobby Braswell is behind Mazzuto’s decision 100 percent, it’s unclear.

“That’s something you’d have to ask Bobby,” Mazzuto said.

Mazzuto had been hoping the case had been resolved by Thursday, when Tresvant had his arraignment for alleged theft at San Fernando Superior Court. Tresvant pleaded not guilty and was given a hearing date for March 16, prolonging the length of the case till after the Big West Conference Tournament. Mazzuto said Tresvant wouldn’t play until he had been cleared from guilt.

“He’s (Tresvant) been a good member of the team,” Mazzuto said. “The charges are just so serious … if any student athlete was convicted of a felony, they’d be removed from the team.”

Feelings have varied regarding Tresvant’s return to the team. Some feel the urgency of his presence, specially since senior point guard Josh Jenkins was hurt in a car crash and was declared “pretty much done” for the season by Braswell. Others applaud Mazzuto’s stand.

“Criticism is part of the job,” Mazzuto said. “Either way, those people are in the same position as we are.”