A.S. Fair gives out goodies

Zara Aleksanyan

The AS Fair  is organized by the Associated Students every year to welcome the students back to school and to provide information about the services the school has to offer.

This year it took place in front of the Bookstore and attracted crowds.

Free giveaways including food and prizes and discount tickets for theme parks are a couple of reasons the students are excited to attend.

The organizers of the fair work with the CSUN Bookstore which provides the free food and snacks.

“This year we have a graffiti artist who is doing graffiti. We are giving away yearly planners for free; we have almost 10,000 planners going away today.” Says Kevin Mojaradi(35) who is a staff member of the Associated Students and is in charge of the Fair. “It’s a chance for everyone to have a good time, get free stuff and start the school year right.”

“[ The fair] helped out a lot” says Shannon Holstein who is a Junior at CSUN “ I am excited for school this year.”

When asked why she decided to attend, a senior at CSUN Jennifer Noble was quick to respond “Free stuff!.”
Another student came to see “what is going on in school” and was excited about the free t-shirts.

Some of the students  are volunteering their time to help out with the fair. Omar Corona who is working on his Masters degree in Public Administration at CSUN has arrived early in the morning to help keep the Academic Planners organized and make sure everyone gets one.  He has attended the fair last year and decided to come and “give back” this time around.