Spotlight: One student out of 36,000

Aprile Sumague

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Christie Anna Casas, 30, senior psychology major. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Christie Anna Casas

For Christie Anna Casas, 30, it was never too late to go back to school. She describes the experience as one of the biggest challenges in her life so far.

Her motivation was her boyfriend, who made her realize that it is never too late to make something of yourself and do something you believe you will love.

She enjoyed her job as a legal secretary for a law firm, but realized that she did not want to be behind a desk working for a boss all her life.

“I realized that it’s hard to survive in life without having a well-paying job,” Casas said. “I also want to make my parents proud and have the self-satisfaction of accomplishing a goal that I always had in the back of my mind.”

Casas, a senior psychology major, plans on going to graduate school and obtaining a marriage and family therapy license (MFT).

In the meantime, in addition to her school and workload, she helps her aunt take care of her cousin. Her cousin has slight autism and cerebral palsy. She takes her on outings and spends time with her as much as she can.

“It’s a lot of work, but I love her and will always be there for her,” Casas said.

Casas also loves sports. She plays softball (first basewoman) for the city of Burbank’s softball team on Sundays.

“Not to brag, but I am a pretty good player,” she said. “I (have) played since I was little.”

She is also a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan, and has been ever since the days of Magic Johnson. Her favorite player is Kobe Bryant, and she said she would die if she ever met him.

She loves to shop, plan events and all kinds of celebrations. One of her favorite events to plan is happy hour with friends and co-workers.

“I’m very organized and creative when it comes to planning,” she said.