First play of the season opens soon

Aubrey Canfield

Photo courtesy of Martha Escobar, stage manager
Photo courtesy of Martha Escobar, stage manager

Dwelling on the fate of a cockroach seems a trivial and unnecessary task. Why on earth would such a meager organism be worthy of thought–or much less a play? But “Fate of a Cockroach,” by Egyptian playwright Tawfiq Al-Hakim, is a satire that might make all audiences re-question their opinions on what is worth discussion.

Director Ken Sawyer is no stranger to the CSUN theatre department, and he returns again to create something undoubtedly new and innovative with “Fate.”  Senior stage manager Danielle Burrie says Mr. Sawyer is a “creative wealth” and describes the director as very innovative. “[Sawyer] loves feedback and opinion, he accepts our opinions,” Burrie said. “I would love to work with him again.”

In keeping with today’s trends, Sawyer has altered the script so that it plays quickly (90 minutes quick). He has also updated the story so that it is relevant to a modern audience.

The appeal of this piece is that it is meant to keep the audience thinking. Martha Escobar, assistant stage manager, says that “this is the kind of play that you will keep talking (about) long after you’ve left the theatre and gotten to your car.”

Aside from a stirring social commentary, expect many out-of-the-ordinary devices; such as a 12-foot-long toothbrush. “It’s blurring the line between our world and the world of the cockroach,” Escobar said.

“Fate of a Cockroach” promises to be a thought-provoking but nonetheless entertaining night at the theatre. Tickets, which are limited, can be had by calling 818-677-2488 or by visiting the student union box office. “Fate of a Cockroach,” runs September 18-27. Go to for more information. See you at the theatre!