I want my Farmers Market!

Yazmin Cruz

So by now, you probably know that CSUN’s Institute for Sustainability is working with administration on the last details to start a Farmers Market on campus. If this is news to you, then check out this story that was published by the “Daily Sundial” on Monday :  No Farmers Market till next semester for CSUN. Unfortunately, the project has been pushed back because of the budget crisis. Ahh, another effect from the budget crisis!

During the summer break, I found out CSUN was going to have a Farmers Market on Wednesday staring mid fall semester. I was stoked! It would be incredibly covinient to have a market on campus. “No more early Friday morning trips to the market for me,” I thought. I usually frequent the Farmers Market in Downtown, L.A. because its closer to me and I can ride my bike there. I love going to Farmers Markets. I love the samples and the thought of  being responsible with one’s food choices. I am not so trilled about having to wait for CSUN to get its act together.

For those of you that don’t know, CSUN has a beautiful fruit and vegetable garden. Michelle Nelson, another staff reporter from the Sundial, and I created a map showing all of “CSUN’s Fresh Eats” around campus. Some of it is located at the Hillel Garden and the other is scattered around the campus. Let me make it clear that the fruit from the trees is yours if you can get to it without having to climb the trees. As for the produce at Hillel, a couple hours of volunteer work should get you some fresh, mouth-watering fruits and vegetables.

View CSUN Fresh Eats in a larger map