Unidentified woman dies in apparent suicide after being struck by Amtrak train

A woman, about 18 years old, was struck by an Amtrak train on Tampa Avenue as it was heading towards the Chatsworth station on Monday at about 3:45 p.m., after stepping in front of the train, authorities said.

“It appears to be intentional at this point,” said Sergeant II Tim Walters of the Los Angeles Police Department. “We found a suicide note and until we verify the validity of the actions and true name of the individual we are withholding further information.”

The train was traveling at “full speed” between 60 and 80 mph. There were no further injuries and no other vehicles were involved.

A CSUN student, who refused to be identified, saw the incident and said it appeared to be suicide.

“She was sitting on the side of the road and when the train came by she put her bag down and ran towards (the train),” he said.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The Valley Traffic Division was in charge of the investigation.