Car hits pedestrian on Zelzah Avenue

Kristopher A. Fortin

A car hit a female pedestrian at 11 a.m. on Zelzah Avenue between Nordhoff and Plummer Streets, next to G4 parking lot.

The female pedestrian was taken to Northridge Medical Center, said LAPD officer Roy Agbanawag.

Layah Lasalle, a former CSUN student, was making a left on Zelzah Avenue from G4 parking lot when Lasalle struck the female pedestrian as both entered the center turn lane.

Joe Rozner, 20-year-old junior computer science major, and witness, was behind Lasalle’s car when it came to a stop. Rozner said that after the collision the pedestrian’s left arm was scratched and that she was complaining of back pains.

Denise Cabeza, senior liberal studies major, was driving the opposite direction when she saw the collision happen right in front of her, she said.

“I saw her fly in the air,” Cabeza said of the pedestrian that was hit.

Cabeza got a blanket out of her car, she said, placed it on the floor and laid down the injured pedestrian on top of the blanket until firefighters and paramedics came.

Rozner said the female pedestrian was jaywalking when she was hit.

The female pedestrian suffered minor injuries, Agbanawag said.

“It’s not like anyone’s fault,” Lasalle said.