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Statement regarding recent Web site comments

It has come to the Daily Sundial’s attention that several comments on three stories posted on Sept. 10, “Examining the role blow jobs play in relationships,” “Metrolink memorial to take place Saturday at Stoney Point Park,” and “CSUN Director of Admissions and Records Eric Forbes, injured in Metrolink accident a year ago, reflects on his experience,” originated from the same IP address, but with different identities.

The Sundial welcomes and encourages comments from all of our readers, and fostering discussion from those expressing differing points of view is paramount in upholding the freedoms of speech and the press to which we are entitled.

We became concerned, however, when it appeared that the identities of the commentators were being misrepresented, including comments from visitors purporting to be members of the Sundial staff.

To avoid jeopardizing our commitment to provide an open forum for discussion, we ask that all visitors accurately represent themselves with verifiable email addresses, which are never published on the Web site, when submitting comments.

We have decided to leave one comment from a story on its page and move the remaining comments in question from their original pages to this page:

From “Metrolink memorial to take place Saturday at Stoney Point Park


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 1:51pm

It’s a shame that this article had to be overshadowed by the blow job article. Priorities seem a little bit off, but whatever the Sundial wants more people to read is up to them. I guess blow jobs are more imortant that peoples lives.

From “CSUN Director of Admissions and Records Eric Forbes, injured in Metrolink accident a year ago, reflects on his experience

Sundial needs to go

Submitted on 2009/09/10 at 1:20pm

It makes me sick to my stomach that the Daily Sundial has decided to disrespect CSUN employee Mr. Eric Forbes and his family. This could have been an amazingly touching and serious story that affected the readers. Its unfortunate that when you turn the page from this story you are forced to see a woman peforming oral sex on a man. When you are writing about life and death like the train crash, you should respect the families involved. I have been personally affected by the train crash and do not think that it is fair that you have that disgusting picture in the same issue. The Daily Sundial has no class. The Daily Sundial has no heart. When someone’s family member is killed from the Daily Sundial, maybe I will talk about anal sex with them to help them grieve.

From “Examining the role blow jobs play in relationships


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 1:49pm

Yip is either a dogs name or a chinese guy


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 1:48pm

It’s kind of funny how only the positive comments are being shown. I just tried to comment and it will not go up. The sundial has no backbone. Not surprised, haha. Good luck getting readers next week.


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 1:46pm

I cannot believe this was written! Whats next? Perhaps, twitter updates from Amber in the middle of her blow job session and how its going. That would be nice and educational for a college audience.


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 1:36pm

Talk about free speech??? You can write an article about blow jobs and I am not allowed to comment on it?!?!? That is outrageous. The comment I previously posted says “awaiting moderation” WOW!!! You should allow students the right to voice their opinions to your stories!!!! Are you running a dictatorship now???


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 1:34pm

The Daily Sundial has lost all credibility with this article


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 1:26pm

I cannot believe you would put this article directly behind pictures of lost loved ones. Children who want to read about their family members who have died now have to look at a girl giving a guy a blow job. Very great sundial. You should be proud.

Sundial Staff

Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 1:22pm

Thanks for the kind words Alonso. It is great that you are truly utilizing your free speech. You must be very proud calling me a “tard” Leave it to the Daily Sundial to be inconsiderate of the mentally challanged. Certainly digging yourselves into a big hole now.


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 1:19pm

Very disgusting article.


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 1:18pm

Hahaha. All of these comments are FANTASTIC!!! It is so great to finally see the Sundial taking all of this heat. There paper is so terrible and people are finally noticing. Oh happy day! I cannot wait to go to Csun and not have to look at that pathetic paper.


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 12:08pm

I hope Journalism Professors will have the guts to display their true feelings about this article. I have spoken with three journalism professors within the department, who said this article is a disgrace to journalism. Its great that the very own journalism department professors hate this article. Wow, the Sundial has hit a new low. I like your comment Larry, I’m interested in a new paper.

Free Speech???

Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 11:52am

So, by saying that writing about blow jobs is ok becuase it is free speech is an invalid argument because of Wednesday’s Daily Sundial. That issue talked about how bad it was to have someone on campus showing a picture of Obama with a hitler mustasche! That would be free speech my friends. So do not denounce that protest. Even though it was on the opinion page, the thoughts reflected of your paper are constatnly biased. That was a free speech act and should not have been denoucned. I doubt the sundial will have the balls to run an opinion piece about how the blow job article was a bad thing. They have no backbone. Also, last school year the same demonstration on school had George Bush with a hitler stasche. No one was complaining then. Its not a matter of college topics for mature people to handle, or everyone does it so we should talk about it. There are certain topics that do not belong in a paper. There are plenty of CSUN students who have raped other csun girls. So lets write an article about the art of raping a gril. That sounds like something everyone would enjoy, becasue lots of people do it. I will do everything in my power to take the Sundial down. I’m happy to hear that Jolene Koester is already looking into the matter.


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 9:35am

Disgusting and Disturbing! I hope the Daily Sundial goes out of business.

Jacky G.

Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 9:34am

I really wish our school paper would not run articles like this. What is the point? It does not do us any good. On the day following President Obama’s big speech on healthcare, you decide to run a story on “blow jobs.” You should cover more relevant topics for mature adults. I am dissapointed.


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 9:30am

Shame on you Amber and the Daily Sundial. Absolutely disgusting

Sundial Staff

Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 7:53am

I work on the Sundial staff and I agree with you all. I think its classless and disgusting that our editors agreed to run this. I will remain anonnymous so I don’t get kicked off the staff. But shame on the people in charge here. Grow up.

Concerned Mother

Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 7:50am

Hello, I am a concerned mother of a 17 year old daughter who attends CSUN. I am not paying thousands of dollars for her to read about blow jobs in the school newspaper. Does anyone involved on the Daily Sundial have an education that goes beyond the strip club classes they probably took. Just because you are interested in sexual topics, does not mean you should force the university to have to see it everywhere. Keep your STD’s to yourself. Go back to the strip club and out of the University. The Daily Sundial is the most tasteless and disrespectful “paper” i have ever seen. I hope you go under.


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 7:27am

Everyone call the Daily Sundial’s advitisors and have them pull their advertisments!!!! LET’S BRING THE SUNDIAL TO THE GROUND AFTER THEIR DISRESPECT TO THOSE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES IN THE TRAGIC TRAIN CRASH!


Submitted on 2009/09/11 at 6:27am

The publisher (Melissa Lalum) should be fired for allowing this. The petition will start next week.


Submitted on 2009/09/10 at 1:02pm

I agree with John. I will now stop reading the Daily Sundial for the fact that they have embarrased me for being a student.


Submitted on 2009/09/10 at 1:01pm

This article is disgraceful. Show some class. I used to read the Daily Sundial everday. I will now never read it again.

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