The Red Couch Tour returns to CSUN

Nick Griffin

After a nine-year absence, CSUN’s Associated Students (AS) brought back an in-person, open-air forum for students to raise their voices.

Known as the Red Couch Tour, this recurring event allows students to ask direct questions to the top leadership within student government, backed by live music, snacks and free school supplies.

“We’re going to take notes,” said AS President Beverly Ntagu. “CSUN is going to be different in five to 10 years. Implanting these ideas will create this change.”

During the first of these events on Feb. 6, Ntagu and Vice President Rose Merida were posted in Matador Square with red felt chairs for students to take a seat in and speak.

“It’ll be like ‘The View’!” said Ntagu. “We’ve got a rug, a plant and a whiteboard with the topic-of-the-day.”

The first topic both AS leaders were focused on was “Food for Thought.”

“I found out about much healthier options for food on campus,” said Aaron Stibelman, a third-year biology major. “It was definitely better than having to go into an office building.”

Some students were drawn to the event for other reasons.

“I actually just came for the coffee,” said Julian Jarquin, a fourth-year biology major. “But I ended up learning about eco-friendly coffee cups that I plan to use the rest of the semester.”

With these events being held twice a month this semester, AS hopes to accommodate students with dates convenient to their schedules.

Originally conceived in 2010, the Red Couch Tour was an initiative created by former AS president Conor Lansdale. Now, Ntagu sees it as the right time to bring it back.

“His reason was to go out and interact with students,” said Ntagu. “Why not bring it back?”

The next Red Couch Tour date is Feb. 20 from noon until 2 p.m. at the campus store.