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Be a victor not a victim

Illustration by Sarah Hofstedt.

In recent years many people around the world have become proficient in the art of “being oppressed.” There is conflict between choosing the victim or victor mindset in how one chooses to live.

“Your attitude determines your altitude,” says American author Zig Ziglar. The victimhood narrative is one that draws quick assumptions and assumes the worst. This mentality leaves little room for growing beyond the challenges we all face, and places the responsibility to face the world onto others.

Victor mentality believes that you are in control of your life and welcomes challenges, knowing they can be overcome with hard work. Seeing yourself as a victor in life leads to confidence and success. A victim complains that life is unfair whereas a victor acknowledges life is unfair to everyone.

When comparing the victor to victim mindset I like to imagine one using a rope to reach the top. The victor narrative sees that how high you get up the ladder would be the result of one’s own effort, while the victim allows the challenges they face to keep them down and others to pull them up. America is a very privileged country and with hard work there’s no reason the top can’t be reached.

Some other ways to stop the victimhood narrative is to avoid identity politics. Identity politics seek to exploit and allow people to blame others for the failures in their lives. I don’t need to hear from anyone whether I am oppressed or not. I believe we have all the resources we need to succeed.

As we are early on in 2019 I urge all to choose a victor mindset. In seeking this mindset, I find it vital to be realistic and prepared to do what it takes to be successful.

A victim gets themselves tied up in knots and allows this to affect their efforts. Victors prepare their mind every day to do what needs to be done to reach their eventual goal. Ultimately this all comes down to choosing one mindset of looking at life over the other.

All people face some sort of oppression that can be a setback in their lives. What separates those who rise to the top is all about their mindset. Everyone needs help from time to time and that is what makes America great. The help is there for those who need it, but to take that help and use it to be successful on their own.

The victim mentality is being challenged in many ways. Let winning become a culture in your life. Wake up every day deciding to work hard and not let others control your destiny. Do everything you can to be the best version of yourself and you will see victories that amount to greatness in your life.

Speaking as a woman I feel there are oppressions I could choose to keep me down, but that will not amount to the greatness in life I pursue. If you are unhappy with your life seek to change it. Choose to change your mindset and stray from victimhood and you will be a victor in this life who stands strong on your own two feet.

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