Zombieland is Deathly Entertaining

Christine Chen

The movie Zombieland is a cross between ‘Resident Evil’ meets ‘Superbad’. It consists of all the scary elements used in a zombie movie, such as, limping dead corpses spewing blood, but it also has hilarious comedy tied into it. One moment you’re on the edge of your seat, squeezing the life out of your movie popcorn and ready to scream, the next moment you’re dying of laughter.

Zombieland pokes fun at the stereotypical zombie movie plot and brings a more fresh approach to the idea by introducing a comedic and heartfelt side to it all.

Columbus (played by Jesse Eisenberg) is a super nerdy college kid who is on his way to Ohio to seek out his parents decides to team up with Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), a hot-headed, Twinkie addicted zombie slayer. They soon join forces with a pair of conniving sisters, Wichita (played by Emma Stone) and her younger sister Little Rock (played by Abigail Breslin) who take the two men into a whirlwind of events as they head opposite to California to visit a theme park that Little Rock believes is zombie-free territory.

My favorite part of the movie is when the group decides to rest at Bill Murray’s Beverly Hills mansion. Murray’s unexpected cameo as himself brings so much laughter when he joins the bunch into more absurdness when they arrive in Los Angeles. This is probably the best part of the movie.

The movie is entertaining, scary and funny at the least but lacks a good valid ending. I enjoyed the twists and how it was not easily predictable. It was definitely a refreshing and non-traditional zombie horror movie. I rate it three stars out of five.