Big Show 9 promises to be better than the past

Marla Schevker

Big Show 9 is coming up, this Saturday, Oct. 3, at noon. There, students can see Lupe Fiasco and Jeremih perform on the CSUN campus, as well as a lot of other activites that will be going on.

Audrey Younna, Associated Students S.P.A.C.E. executive director, said this is going to be the biggest Big Show that they have put on yet.

“It’s the most student focused that we’ve had,” she said. “We have bigger-themed entertainment as well as a lot of artists on stage this year.”

In addition to the great show on stage, there will also be an entire section dedicated to clubs and organizations. There will be approximately 30 clubs and organizations represented from around the campus. There will also be more food vendors than ever before, serving up items such as sprinkled cupcakes and barbecue.

This Big Show will also be the biggest pep rally that CSUN has ever seen. There will be representatives from all Northridge sports teams, and Matty the Matador will be hanging out. Younna also said the men’s and women’s basketball coaches will be there to talk about Matador Madness (another event that’s coming up in a few weeks).
Big Show is becoming more than just a musical event; it’s becoming a festival, Younna said.

“We’re combining all aspects that students enjoy,” she said. “Based on our surveys we brought more entertainment, better food options and variety; we even have (an) inflatable. You’re not just there to see music — there is so much more to do.”

Younna said she is excited for the Big Show this year.

“It’s one of the biggest events that we do and I’m excited we get to do it year after year,” she said. “We really want people who have come to Big Show in the past to be pleasantly surprised and all the new students who have never gone to be really excited that their school can offer something like this.”