Alumni Group presents “Tape”

Aubrey Canfield

Kohtaroh Zushi and Phillip Greenbaum in "Tape" Photo Courtesy of Aubrey Canfield
Kohtaroh Zushi and Phillip Greenbaum in "Tape" Photo Courtesy of Aubrey Canfield

Friendship, betrayal, memories and revenge: just some of the words the cast of “Tape” used to describe Stephen Belber’s drama. The Ghost Players is a fledgling theatre company founded by CSUN theatre alum: Stephanie Alkazian, Kohtaroh Zushi and Phillip Greenbaum. These three, along with current CSUN student Danielle Payton, have come together to create a very special theatrical piece. Ghost Players, according to Zushi, is committed to creating important theatrical work.

“Tape” premiered October 2, 2009 at the Sunset Gardner Stages. “We thought the audience would just be our friends and family” Alkazian said “But we’ve been selling tickets to complete strangers who just saw our flyers, it’s exciting”. The company has certainly tackled a weighty piece for their premier production. “Tape” by Stephen Bleber, is a multifaceted drama that bring together three lives after ten years of silence. They share their dreams, desires, fears and regrets and try to discover if their lives are truly any better off.

The Ghost Players’ production of “Tape” is raw and honest. In many ways these actors are in the same place as the characters in the play. They are young adults embarking on their professional careers and no doubt questioning who they are as people. The chemistry between Zushi and Greenbaum is genuine and sincere. The characters of Vince and Jon come to life in real bonds, emotions and circumstances.

The ninety-minute play is an emotional rollercoaster through the past. The Players speak the truth and succeed in their first production. It is inspiring to see a group of artists so dedicated to their work to take it upon them selves to create something they can believe in. “Tape” is undoubtedly only the first of many important works to come.

Make sure to check out new and exciting things happening with the Ghost Players at: In association with the Black Genius Theatre company, the Ghost Players will present “Tape” tonight for one night only: 8pm at the University Student Union! No charge for tickets, but space is limited so get there early.