CSUN employee tests positive for the coronavirus


The Sundial file photo

One CSUN employee has tested positive for the coronavirus. Note: This photo does not represent where the employee works.

Samantha Bravo, Assistant Campus Editor

A CSUN employee has tested positive for the coronavirus, President Dianne F. Harrison announced in an email Friday afternoon.

In the email, Harrison stated the employee has not been on campus for more than a week.

“I am saddened to share with you that a CSUN employee has tested positive for COVID-19. Our thoughts are with this member of our campus community, who has not been on campus in more than a week,” Harrison said. “Consistent with the protocols for infectious disease response, anyone identified as having had close contact with this individual has been or will be notified immediately if they need to be isolated, self-monitor or self-quarantine.”

Harrison also provided an update on the fate of the fall semester in the email.

“I understand and appreciate that students, as well as faculty and staff, want more certainty about our fall mode of instruction,” Harrison wrote. “That is why we are planning for multiple possibilities, including hybrid approaches.” She continued on to say that CSUN expects to communicate more details by mid-May.

In the email, Harrison also addressed the economic impact of the coronavirus and encouraged students to remain positive and pursue their educational goals.

“Now is not the time to step back from pursuing higher education. If anything, it is the time to persist and move with purpose toward completing degrees and certificates,” Harrison wrote.

While the campus is closed, certain areas are still operational such as the CSUN Department of Police Services, Klotz Student Health Center, Matador Bookstore from Mondays to Fridays, and the CSUN Food Pantry is only open on Wednesdays and Thursdays.