It’s over, CSUN loses 103-85

Alonso Tacanga

The Matadors were able to tie it, but in the end foul-trouble and Anthony Goods were too much for them. After tying it at 70, the Cardinal went on a free-throw parade and while CSUN matched many of the shots, ultimately they fell short.

Jenkins led them with 24 but he also had 10 turnovers. Tresvant had a bad game and Townsend couldn’t even get in the game.

Jenkins feels they did a lot of improvement from their last game to this one. I share the sentiment. The Matadors got some ways to go but tonight’s game might do more for them as a loss in the long run than it could have as a win.

The final score was overblown. It doesn’t show how close the game was, but a loss is a loss. Wake-up call for the No. 1-in-paper Matadors.