Associated Students has a new Faculty Advisor; Earth Day celebrations to start on Thursday


Fabiola Perez Lopez

Associate Professor Judith Anne DeBonis introducing herself during the AS meeting on Monday, March 29, 2021.

Fabiola Perez Lopez, Reporter

New faculty advisor

On Monday, AS Executive Director Patrick Bailey announced the Faculty Senate’s appointment of Judith DeBonis as a temporary faculty advisor to the Associated Students. The previous advisor, Professor Veda Ward, is on leave.

A faculty advisor supports and promotes co-curricular programs. Their responsibilities are to collect crime reports, help students design programs, review the financial status in organizations and uphold university policies and procedures.

DeBonis is an associate professor for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Her research as a social worker is based on advocating for access and equal rights to healthcare services.

DeBonis served on the Academic Grievance and Grade Appeal Committee, which addresses students’ concerns about academic decisions made by faculty. This year, she serves on the Faculty Senate on the Educational Policies Committee and co-chaired the first online Faculty Retreat Committee.

DeBonis might continue as temporary faculty advisor to the AS through the summer.

“It’s my privilege to serve you on this committee for however short of a period it might be,” DeBonis said.

Earth Day celebrations

During the open forum, AS Sustainability Coordinator Tosin Folorunso announced that AS will start a month long celebration of Earth Day events on Thursday. Students can visit the Associated Students Events calendar to learn more about the events.

There will also be an Eco-Challenge event where all 23 CSU campuses are challenged to take sustainability initiatives for the whole month. Students, staff and faculty are all welcomed to participate.

The next AS meeting will be held on April 5.