Same ol’ story…

Alonso Tacanga

So the Matadors are up 34-31 at halftime but Coach Braswell certainly must be about to give them a piece of his mind. Why? One word: Turnovers…again.

CSUN has 18 turnovers in just 20 minutes. That’s almost a turnover every minute, almost a turnover every three possessions. Jenkins is leading that department again with five. He’s also got two fouls.

To top it off, Braswell went with backup PG Matthew Wallace in the final minute after initially having Dallas Rutherford as his sub. Wallace had a turnover trying to throw a long pass to his big man, prompting Braswell to bring back Rutherford.

Rutherford, a freshman, turned the ball over to finish the first half.

CSUN’s bench only has two point. Its author: Kenny Daniels.