SRC’s ‘Wipeout Workout’ returns

Students can exercise while staying cool in the pool

Thomas Bravo, Reporter

CSUN’s Student Recreation Center has begun to offer an unconventional yet fun new way to exercise with its latest event called “Wipeout Workout.”

Modeled after the popular TV show “Wipeout,” which originally aired on ABC, “Wipeout Workout” boasts an aquatic obstacle course that is designed to test a student’s strength, balance and endurance.

The “Wipeout Workout” event is open to all CSUN students and is included in the SRC membership.

“The course being in the water makes it a matter of speed and balance. You know if people have fun in whatever activity they’re doing, it doesn’t make it a drag. It is great physical activity,” Rec pool lifeguard Marie Chavez said.

“Wipeout Workout” allows for a fun activity to escape the intense California heat. First-year CSUN student Jovanny Dominguez took on the obstacle course and stated, “It’s just like the show ‘Wipeout.’ It doesn’t look difficult at first but you go on the first steps and you just fall and wipeout. It was a lot of fun, I’d recommend going.”

CSUN student Ryan Sullivan, who participated in the event, later assured fellow students that they shouldn’t fear wiping out and getting hurt. “The pads are soft and it doesn’t hurt at all, even if you faceplant. To anyone that may be scared to do the obstacle course, I’d say just do it,” Sullivan said.

The event is offered in the Rec pool at the SRC every Monday, Wednesday and Friday up until Oct. 29. The obstacle course is open from 3-6 p.m.