Associated Students works on bringing new campus card to CSUN


Shannon Carter

Associated Students is currently working on developing a campus initiative called One Card that would allow students to make purchases at CSUN, such as the campus bookstore and on-campus dining stores.

Noor Sufi, Reporter

During last week’s Associated Students meeting, President Jonathan Hay revealed plans for a new university-wide service card that would allow students to make purchases on campus.

This service, named One Card, would incorporate the services and stores on campus into one card available to all students at CSUN. One Card allows students to access the Student Recreation Center, services at the University Library and make purchases from the campus bookstore and all campus dining.

Earlier this month, Hay met with the standing committee, which are “workgroups made up of Associated Students senators that research student issues to develop reports, resolutions, policies or statements in response to the specific problem,” according to the AS website.

They discussed whether the cards would be digital or physical and when the cards would be distributed to students. No decision has been made as of yet.

Other CSU campuses, like Cal State Los Angeles and California State University Sacramento, have similar card programs that allow their students to access their library, printing and copy services, the campus bookstore and food services. It is unclear whether or not Hay modeled the CSUN One Card after these existing programs.

The senate voted to appoint the following individuals:
Melita Mehzabin was appointed to the senate as a Communications Committee Member.
The communications committee works closely with college senators on town halls, listens to feedback from students and creates new ways to communicate with the CSUN student population.