Parking permit costs drop as students return to campus


Sam Landau

The interior of CSUN’s B3 parking structure in Northridge, Calif.

CSUN parking permit costs will drop roughly $53 on Feb. 16, two days after students are scheduled to return to campus. The office of parking and transportation services never made a formal announcement that students could save money by waiting to buy their parking permits.

The price for general parking will decrease from $213.21 to $159.91. The north campus permit, which only allows for parking in the F10 lot, will also be reduced from $105.51 to $79.95.

Students who have already purchased a parking permit for the spring semester, or the 2021-2022 academic year, will be unable to receive a partial refund for the three weeks that students attended classes remotely.

Students who no longer need or want a parking pass can request a refund with the parking office. The refund amount is based on when the permit is returned and can be found on the parking fees and refunds schedule.

Refunds are issued through paper checks or through eRefund, in which the amount refunded is sent directly to the person’s bank account. Processing time for refunds will take approximately four to six weeks.

Students can purchase daily parking permits ranging from $2 to $8, depending on how long a student plans to stay on campus. These permits can be purchased from a parking permit dispenser or from one of the information booths on campus.

Information booth #1 is located on Lindley Avenue off Nordhoff Street next to The Soraya, while information booth #2 is on Prairie Street off Darby Avenue. Information booth #3 is next to the Student Recreation Center field on Prairie Street off Zelzah Avenue.

The office of parking and transportation services will be implementing traffic control for the first few weeks of in-person classes as traffic on campus is expected to be heavily impacted, according to Emanuel Campos, the director of parking and transportation.

CSUN’s parking and transportation services website states that parking lots nearest to campus are anticipated to be full as early as 8 a.m. It is recommended that students arrive 45 minutes prior to their scheduled class times to prepare for delays.

A detour route to the F10 lot will be put into effect depending on the flow of traffic, according to Campos.

Parking permits can be purchased through CSUN’s myNorthridge portal website under the Financial Matters tab.