Missed the CSUN vaccine deadline? Here’s what you need to know.


Courtesy of Benjamin Hanson

Mike Azimi receives his second dose of the Moderna vaccine from Jocelyn Woon at Pierce College’s COVID-19 testing and vaccination center in Los Angeles, Calif., on Feb. 16, 2021.

Jose Fraire, Contributor

The deadline for California State University students and employees to be vaccinated and boosted, or granted exemptions, before returning to campus for in-person instruction was on Monday, Feb. 28.

Only 47.1% of students and 38.1% of employees have self-reported that they’ve received their booster vaccines as of Feb. 28, according to CSUN’s COVID Dashboard.

The official CSU policy states that students and employees who fail to comply with the vaccine and booster requirement, and have not received an exemption, may not be allowed on campus. CSUN has not announced plans to enforce these consequences.

No student has been dropped from classes or not allowed on campus because of failure to comply with the guidelines, according to Carmen Ramos Chandler, CSUN’s director of media relations. It’s unclear what the university plans to do about enforcing the CSU policy going forward.

“The first step will be working with those students to ensure we can do all we can to help remove any obstacles so they can fulfill their vaccine requirements,” Chandler said.

When asked about what the consequences will be for faculty and staff who fail to attest to their vaccine status, Chandler said, “Wait until we get to that point.”

Students are required to submit their vaccine self-certification form and attest to their status at the COVID-19 self-certification webpage in their student portals.

While the booster vaccine rate is low, CSUN’s general vaccination rate remains high. Roughly 89% of students and 94% of employees have reported they are vaccinated. Exemptions have been approved for 7% of students and 3.2% of employees.

The only available exemptions for the vaccine and booster include religious and medical exemptions. The medical exemption is available for students and employees who cannot be boosted because of a recent vaccination. There is a five-month waiting period after receiving a second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. Students in this situation are encouraged to immediately apply for a medical exemption in their CSUN portals.

In an email sent out on Tuesday, CSUN announced that booster vaccination clinics will be open to students and employees on campus starting Wednesday, March 2. Appointments are not required but are recommended and can be made using a password-protected link from the email that was sent.

The booster clinics will be held on March 9, 10, 16 and 17, from 11 a.m to 5 p.m. The clinics will be located at the CSUN Campus Store and the housing complex parking lot F-9.

All students and employees who have not received the vaccine and booster are required to test weekly. CSUN offers free COVID-19 testing to students and staff on campus.