Best Probiotics for Women Over 50: Menopausal Women’s Probiotic Supplements


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Also known as flora, probiotics are helpful bacteria that live in your gut. In addition to helping you to sustain optimal gut health, probiotics influence your overall physical and mental health in a variety of ways. 

Thanks to an ever-growing body of research, most people are aware that probiotics are “good bacteria” and products that provide a daily top-up are extremely popular. 

Best Probiotics for Women Over 50: At a Glance

1. ProBiology Gut+ – Editors choice 

2. Biotics 8 

3. 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum 

However, as with vitamins and minerals, certain probiotics are more important for women. This is especially true for women who are over 50-years-old and experiencing the menopause. 

It is of little benefit buying a general-purpose probiotic supplement and hoping that it can influence a healthy gut microbiome or help bacterial vaginosis. The most effective probiotics for women over 50 need to provide the correct balance of probiotic bacteria to maintain optimum gut health and address some of the problems most women aged 50+ have to face. 

The best women’s probiotics help keep the female gut healthy, boost immune function, eliminate bloating, increase energy and focus, and enhance women’s quality of life in many other ways. Other health benefits include improved digestive health, improvement to the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and an introduction of healthy bacteria. 

Later in this article we are going to look at the three best probiotics for women over 50. But, before we get to the top three options, let’s take a look at some important background information first.  

There Is More to Probiotics Than You May Think

Back in the day when probiotics were the new big thing, people used to think the only thing good bacteria does is help you to digest your food and contribute to a healthy digestive system. 

We know a lot more about probiotics now and the many ways they support good health.  

There are around 100 trillion micro-organisms in the human intestines. Most of them are bacteria but not all of them are probiotics. The intestines are also home to less friendly species of bacteria. Fortunately, probiotics keep the numbers down. 

In addition to bacteria, the intestines also contain viruses, fungi, and protozoa. Collectively, this amazingly diverse colony of microorganisms is known as the gut microbiome. 

Probiotics promote an overall healthy gut and the state of the microbiota is so important to physical and mental well being some experts call it a “virtual organ.” [source] 

However, improving your gut microbiota is not as simple as topping up your probiotic bacteria levels every day. Some strains are more beneficial than others and certain options work better for women who are over 50. 

The truth is, everyone – man, woman, or child – has a different microbiome. Even in the case of identical twins, the state of their guts will not be the same. 

Creating effective probiotic products is very challenging. To a certain extent, manufacturers have to go with the idea that one size fits all. 

However, although these universal probiotics can be beneficial, each one is likely to work better for some people than it does for others. 

More importantly, certain strains and combinations of strains offer greater benefit for women than they do for men. The best probiotics for women over 50 place a greater emphasis on providing these strains. 

The Top 3 Probiotics for Women Over 50

Okay. That’s the preliminary stuff out of the way. We know what the problems are and why they occur. Now let’s take a look at the three best probiotic products for putting things right. 

After evaluating dozens of popular probiotics, we pared down our list to just three: 

In our view, ProBiology Gut+ is an easy winner. However, depending on your personal requirements, you may want to choose one of the other two instead. 

All three are excellent options or they wouldn’t be here. However, ProBiology Gut+ is an easy purchase because it was developed by women for women and customer reviews show those scientific ladies did a great job. 

ProBiology Gut+ – Best for Women’s Health 

Brown bottle with blue and ivory label

Click for pricing on ProBiology Gut+ 

ProBiology Gut+ is a cutting-edge probiotic supplement that’s specially tailored to enhance a woman’s gut health, vaginal health and provide improvements in well-being. It’s an excellent option for women of all ages and can be especially useful to ladies who are over 50 and in need of a probiotic pick-me-up. 

Like all the best probiotic capsules, ProBiology Gut+ is a capsule. The dose is two pills per day. Each bottle provides a 30-day treatment. Again, that’s pretty standard for supplements but there is nothing standard or “every day” about ProBiology Gut+. 

Each capsule provides four key strains of probiotic bacteria that are essential for optimum female gut health. The capsules also provide prebiotic fiber. 

As you may be aware, probiotics eat prebiotic fiber. It builds them up, keeps them strong, and helps them to multiply and enhance your existing microbiome. 

A lot of probiotics are not shelf-stable. If they are not kept at a sufficiently low temperature during storage, transit and within your home, the bacteria inside them will die. 

You need not worry about this with ProBiology Gut+, the pills are 100% shelf-stable. They also have a 60-day money-back guarantee so, if your guts don’t love the product it’s just a matter of asking for your money back. 

Key Benefits of ProBiology Gut+

  • Reduces stress 
  • Balances vaginal flora and vaginal health 
  • Balances beneficial bacteria 
  • Helps prevent yeast infections 
  • Improves immune health 
  • Encourages glowing skin 
  • Controls bloating 
  • Improves weight management 
  • Provides healthier bowel movements 
  • Free Shipping 
  • Special discounts and savings 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee 

Why We Like ProBiology Gut+

There are many things we like about this . We are especially impressed by the choice of probiotics. However, it’s not just the fact the pills contain four well-chosen bacteria strains. That means nothing unless they are still alive when they arrive in the gut. 

With around 96% of supplements, the bacteria does not make it that far. Even if they are stable, the bacteria is often killed by harsh enzymes in the stomach. ProBiology Gut+ has a special coating to prevent this from happening. 

The potency is very good too. It’s 40 billion CFUs and, thanks to the special coating, ProBiology Gut+ provides your gut microbiome with an extra 40 billion probiotics every day. 

Women speak highly of this product and not surprising. Many reviews mention positive experiences such as weight loss, glowing skin, and improvements in vaginal health and in mood. 

Biotics 8 

black pill bottle with black and orange label

Click for pricing on Biotics 8  


Biotics 8 is another excellent choice for women over 50 who are seeking the best probiotics. Biotics 8 is manufactured by Bauer Nutrition. That is a very good pedigree. Bauer has been a key player in the supplement and health industry for a very long time. 

This gut health supplement isn’t made specially for a woman, but thanks to the strength of the formulation it is still one of the best options for women of all ages including those who are aged 50+. 

In addition to delivering some of the most beneficial strains of probiotic bacteria, Biotic 8 provides a generous dose of prebiotic fiber. It also has digestive enzymes and Vitamin D. 

Key Benefits of Biotics 8

  • Potent probiotic blend 
  • Helps create a healthy immune system 
  • Improves digestive system and vaginal health 
  • Helps control yeast infections 
  • Helps control urinary tract infections 
  • Can calm the symptoms of abdominal pain 

Why We Like Biotics 8

A well formulated probiotics product that is suitable for everyone. Biotics 8 is from a highly reputable manufacturer that provides a long money back guarantee. 

Biotics 8 can improve overall health as well as specific ailments. It can soothe stomach acid, inflammatory bowel disease, ibs symptoms as well as improve digestive and vaginal health. 

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum 

blue bottle with white lable and white box with blue lettering

Click for pricing on 1MD Complete Probiotics  

Complete Probiotics Platinum is a high-potency (51 billion CFU) probiotic supplement made in America by 1MD Nutrition. This respected California-based company has a reputation as a gut health specialist that is second to none. 

1MD is on a mission to help people attain optimum health so it’s not surprising Complete Probiotics Platinum gets such rave customer reviews. 

Like ProBiology Gut+, Complete Probiotics Platinum uses a special capsule technology to safely transport the live bacteria down to the intestines. Complete Probiotics Platinum provides a generous helping of prebiotic fiber as well. 

Although Complete Probiotics Platinum is another unisex probiotic product, this particular mix of Bifocaterium and Lactobacillus bacteria make it a sterling choice for a woman over 50. It quickly makes bloating, constipation, and other common problems a thing of the past. 

Complete Probiotics Platinum is a fast-acting supplement. A lot of women say they start noticing the benefits within a few hours. For others, the effects may take a little longer to become apparent. It depends on the initial state of their gut microbiome. 

It stands to reason that women who have a lot of problems are likely to notice the changes more quickly than those who do not. 

Regardless of the present state of your gut microbiome, the benefits the supplement provides will increase over the first three months. By the end of the third month, your digestive organs will be running at optimum efficiency and you should be feeling more energetic and alive. 

Key Benefits of 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

  • Delayed-release capsule design safely transports the probiotics to the intestines 
  • Guaranteed 51 Billion Powerful Colony-Forming Units (CFUs) 
  • Contains 11 robust, potent probiotic strains 
  • Provides prebiotic fiber to nourish and enhance probiotic activity 
  • Enhances nutrient absorption 
  • Alleviates gas, bloating and indigestion 
  • Reinforces the gut lining to prevent toxins entering the blood 
  • Non-GMO and free from dairy, gluten, and soy 
  • Opportunities for multibuy savings 
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

Why We Like Complete Probiotics Platinum

Complete Probiotics Platinum provides an impressive combination of the best probiotics and the blend as a whole is a perfect partner for any woman over the age of 50 who wants a healthy efficient gut microbiome. 

In addition to being shelf-stable, the probiotics in Complete Probiotics Platinum remain active for up to two years. That’s a long time and the fact that this is so speaks volumes for the 1MD’s ability to produce high potency probiotics. 

How We Chose the Top Probiotics for Women Over 50

Compiling this list of best probiotic supplements for women was no easy task. It involved a lot of in-depth investigation into the various probiotic bacteria strains and the things that they do. 

We also had to spend time reading thousands of customer reviews. Above all else, we needed to know how well each product works for women aged 50+, not how it performs for men or for women with younger gut microbiomes. 

You and Your Gut Microbiome: What You Need to Know

In addition to being unique, each person’s gut microbiome changes over time. There are many reasons for this. The aging process is one of them but additional factors such as illness, quality of diet, and other lifestyle factors also affect the microorganisms that live in the gut. 

Medications can do it too. Antibiotics can be particularly bad because they wipe out the good bacteria in the gut along with the bad. 

The gut bacteria will return, of course, but the microbiome as a whole will not be the same. 

As people age, there is a good chance the microbiome will change for the worse. Even small changes may be enough to produce unfavorable reactions such as stomach problems and weight gain. Many women can use specific diet pills for women as well as change their dietary habits. 

Taking probiotics in supplements also changes the microbiome. However, this is a deliberate change and, hopefully, it will be for the better. 

Why Women Over 50 Need to Choose the Right Probiotics

A woman’s body goes through constant changes. Most of them are not easily apparent because they are happening inside. 

Hormonal issues during menstruation are a good example of something that women have to endure and men do not. Women have to endure further hormonal upheavals during menopause. 

At least the changes to women’s bodies during menopause more obvious to them than the changes going on in their guts. 

When hair begins to gray or grow thin, it will be apparent to many other people as well but nobody can see what is going on in secret deep inside the gut. 

Women who are aged 50+ have a lot to deal with due to entering their third great period of life. The changes inside them can affect many aspects of their lives including their mood and ability to fight off disease. 

Many of the challenges women over 50 have to endure are the result of changes in gut microbiome and probiotic bacteria. 

Some women find it harder to process certain foods as they get older. This is often due to changes within their guts but the digestive issues can also make matters worse. 

After the age of 50, many women experience greater problems with bloating and/or constipation. Foods that they have enjoyed all their lives may suddenly begin causing issues with their guts. This is often due to the gut bacteria working less efficiently, hampering the ability to digest food. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. Good probiotics can help women who are over 50 to improve their microbiome and enjoy better gut health along with an improved sense of well-being. 

Some Signs that Indicate Probiotic Problems for Fifty Year Old Females

Many of the things that can indicate problems in the gut microbiome are incredibly easy to overlook. 

The fact that many issues appear and then develop so gradually only goes to make the situation worse. 

Intestinal Gas

Show me a woman who says she never passes gas and I’ll show you a liar. Everyone passes wind from time to time. It’s normal and can be a great source of amusement when it happens in public. 

Of course, as we get older, “letting one slip” at an inopportune time can be a source of great embarrassment. 

Intestinal gas is normal, but when it becomes overly frequent it often indicates a problem in your gut microbiome. 

Of course, intestinal gas can also be attributable to certain foods or drastic changes in diet. Some medications can get a storm brewing too but, if you are not doing anything radically different, taking daily doses of probiotics could be the best way to set things right. 


Bloating is not dissimilar to intestinal gas. Instead of being unleashed on the world, the gas builds up inside causing misery and discomfort. 

Again, bloating can also be due to something you ate or another alternate factory but, for many women who are over 50, there’s a good chance bloating is due to probiotic changes in the guts. 

However, bloating can also be due to more serious medical issues. So, if bloating persists, it’s a good move to get professional medical advice for digestive health. 

Changes in Bowel Movement

There can be other causes for this problem as well and, again, making radical dietary changes is one of them. 

However, if you suddenly find you need to dash to the restroom more often than normal or sit there for hours gritting your teeth in a strange parody of labor, it could be due to changes in your microbiome. If it is, probiotics can help. 

Probiotics for Women 50 Years Old  – Summary

If you are female and approaching 50 and are comparing the various probiotic strains to suit female needs. The particular probiotic we would recommend is ProBiology Gut+. 

ProBiology Gut+ is ideal for menopausal women to support vaginal health, leaky gut, cardiovascular health and urinary health. 

ProBiology Gut+ is a complete probiotic for women 50 and over. 


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