Best Fat Burner for Women 2022: Top Female Fat Burning Supplements


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Women who are struggling to lose weight often require the help of a good female fat burner supplement. There are many options and brands to choose from, many of which are marketed alongside the promise that they are “the best female fat burner” , the ” No. 1 diet pill for women”, or similar claims. This article simplifies the process of choosing the most effective diet product to suit a woman’s body. 

Quick Look: Top Women’s Fat Burner Pills 


They can’t all be “the best” and there can only ever be one “No.1.” When you are trying to find a good female fat burner, it’s important not to be drawn in by all the clever marketing. 

You also need to be aware that the diet pill that works best for someone else may not be the most appropriate option for you. 

For instance, if you spend a lot of time training at the gym, you may require a female fat burner that provides a lot of extra energy. If you are unusually susceptible to hunger, you will be better off choosing a fat burner that is strong on appetite suppression. 

The truth is, all the best female fat burners support fat loss in several ways but can be stronger in certain areas than others. 

When you are trying to decide on the right one, it’s best to base your decision on how well the supplement’s abilities match your individual needs. 

To help you choose the best weight loss supplement, we evaluated 20 of the top diet pills for women. 

After comparing all the pros and cons; including the strength of the formulations, customer feedback, value for money, and after-sales service; it was easy to see which five are the best. 

Here are the five best female fat burners for 2022 

Below are the top natural fat burners that can help burn calories, aid fat oxidation and shed pounds. 

Leanbean – Best Fat Burner for Women 


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Leanbean has a much-deserved reputation for being one of the best female fat burners in the world. That’s not surprising because it was designed for women from the ground up and is specially formulated to deliver powerful ongoing fat-loss support to women of all ages. 

It even regulates estrogen so, if you think your weight gain may be hormone-related, Leanbean will be the best option to choose. 

Like a lot of the top diet tablet choices, Leanbean provides women with weight loss support in several areas. It’s a powerful appetite suppressant that boosts metabolism and fat loss and also provides extra energy. 

Regardless of whether you need to dodge diet-related fatigue, or need extra energy to train. Leanbean has got your back. 

The Leanbean formulation provides 10 key ingredients: 

  • Vitamin B6 
  • Vitamin B12 
  • Chromium 
  • Potassium 
  • Glucomannan 
  • Choline 
  • Garcinia Cambogia 
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 
  • Turmeric 
  • Acai Berry 

Glucomannan is one of the best natural appetite suppressants in the world but Leanbean offers plenty of weight loss help in other areas as well. 

Its fat-burning power is largely due to its ability to enhance thermogenesis. By doing this it helps to boost metabolism by causing you to lose extra energy as heat. 

Leanbean was developed by a British company called Ultimate Life. It only produces supplements for women and is a world leader in this specialist field. 

Regardless of whether you have a lot of excess weight or only need to lose a few pounds, Leanbean can help. It has excellent customer reviews and Ultimate Life has such faith in its product it offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

Who Is Leanbean Female Fat Burner For? 

Leanbean is for all women be they stay-at-home moms, office workers, or fashion models. Vegans and vegetarians can use it too. 

Key Features 

  • Specially formulated for women 
  • Suppresses appetite to help you to lose weight without hunger 
  • Boosts metabolism to help you to lose weight faster 
  • Stimulant-free formulation 
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly 
  • Regulates hormones 
  • Excellent customer reviews 
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

PhenQ – Best Thermogenic Fat Burner 

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Although it’s not specifically designed for women, PhenQ is a tremendously popular diet pill. It has already helped 90,000+ people to lose weight and most of them were women. 

PhenQ is another good all-rounder that covers all the bases. It provides five key weight loss benefits including appetite suppression and faster metabolism. 

PhenQ is also one of the few diet pills you can buy that’s designed to enhance mood. If your attempts at weight loss make you feel down, PhenQ may be the best option to choose. 

Like all the best fat burners, PhenQ helps you sustain the energy shortage that makes you begin burning fat 

The advanced fat-loss formulation also gives you an energy boost. It even hinders your body’s ability to make fresh stores of fat. 

In addition to boasting some of the best natural fat burners available, the PhenQ formulation has an exciting proprietary ingredient. It’s called a-Lacys Reset and it provides a potent combination of alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. 

A-Lacys Reset increases metabolism and fat burning via thermogenesis. Research shows it can do this while also improving body composition by increasing muscle mass. Diets generally involve loss of muscle mass so a-Lacys Reset is pretty special. 

The PhenQ formulation provides seven key ingredients: 

1. Calcium Carbonate 

2. Chromium 

3. L-Carnitine Fumarate 

4. Caffeine Anhydrous 

5. Nopal Cactus Fiber 

6. Capsimax 

7. a-Lacys Reset 

Although a-Lacys Reset generally gets the most attention, all the ingredients in PhenQ are very good. If you need a powerful fat burner, Capsimax is strong enough to go it alone. 

Capsimax is a branded capsicum extract that’s present in many of the best fat-burning formulations. 

In addition to being one of the top thermogenic fat burners, it’s also unusually gentle on your stomach and won’t give you heartburn like standard capsicum extracts often do.  

Who Is PhenQ For? 

PhenQ is for anyone who needs help losing weight. Due to its great versatility, if you are unsure which fat burner will work best for you, PhenQ is the best one to choose. 

What Does PhenQ Do? 

  • 5-in-1 fat-loss pill 
  • Suppresses hunger and cravings 
  • Boosts metabolism and calorie expenditure 
  • Makes you more energetic 
  • Improves mood 
  • Hinders fat cell formation 
  • Over 190,000 satisfied customers 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee 


TrimTone – Natural Fat Burner 

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TrimTone is another powerful fat burner that works well for women. And so it should. It was developed especially to give women the kind of weight loss support they need. 

As with the other entries in this list of best fat burners for women, Trimtone provides support in several areas. 

You probably won’t be surprised to learn two of the things it does are suppress hunger and increase metabolism via thermogenesis. 

Good diet pills need to be able to do these things. It’s also nice if they can invigorate you to prevent diet-related fatigue. Trimtone does this. 

Since its introduction to the market, thousands of women have lost between 10 and 30 pounds just by using TrimTone alongside a healthy diet. Some women have lost even more. 

Regardless of whether you are just beginning your weight loss journey or are struggling to smash through a plateau, TrimTone can give you the help you need. 

The fat-burning capabilities of TrimTone are attributable to a powerful blend of five key ingredients: 

1. Caffeine Anhydrous 

2. Green Tea Extract 

3. Glucomannan 

4. Green Coffee Bean Extract 

5. Grains of Paradise 

TrimTone is so strong, you only need to take one pill per day. That makes it a great choice for ladies who have hectic lifestyles and find it hard to remember to take pills during the day. 

With TrimTone, all you need to do is take it every morning and you are good to go. 

Who Is Trimtone For? 

TrimTone is good for most women who need a pill that controls hunger and help them to burn fat. Unfortunately, the capsule casing contains gelatin. So if you are vegan or vegetarian, you can strike this one from your list. 

How Does Trimtone Work? 

  • Premium diet pill designed for women 
  • Controls hunger and cravings 
  • Boosts metabolism 
  • Reduces belly fat and helps you enjoy a better physique 
  • One pill per day 
  • 100-day money-back guarantee 

Hourglass Fit – Stimulant Free Fat Burners 

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Hourglass Fit is a stimulant-free natural fat burner for women. Like the other weight loss supplements that made this list, it’s a high-potency option that delivers very good results. 

Hourglass fit carries the endorsement of the Hollywood actress Rachel Swindler, who loves the way it keeps her appetite under control. 

The appetite suppressing ability of Hourglass Fit is largely due to glucomannan. Each dose provides a generous amount and its combined Capsimax to tweak your metabolism and help you to torch excess fat. 

Although it’s stimulant-free, HourGlass Fit is still good for providing energy. Like the best energy drinks, it contains several B vitamins, to help you get the full benefit of energy in your food. 

HourGlass Fit has nine active ingredients: 

1. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 

2. Vitamin B6 

3. Vitamin B12 

4. Chromium 

5. Zinc 

6. Konjac Root (90% glucomannan) 

7. Capsimax 

8. Bioperine 

9. 5-HTP (Griffonia simplicifolia extract) 

As the name suggests, using Hourglass fit alongside diet and exercise will put you on the fast track to a sexy hourglass figure. It also boosts your levels of happy hormones, making it easier to maintain the motivation to train. 

Who Is Hourglass Fit For? 

Hourglass Fit is the best fat burner for women who have a strong commitment to looking good and are prepared to put in the work but don’t want hunger setting them back. 

It’s also a first-class choice for women who need a good stimulant-free fat burner. Because neither the capsule contents nor casing contains any animal extracts, Hourglass Fit is also perfect for vegan and vegetarian women. 

Key Features 

  • Stimulant-free fat burner 
  • Delivers powerful appetite suppression 
  • Thermogenic fat burner 
  • Good fat burner for vegan and vegetarian women 
  • Tailored to support women’s fat burning needs 


Powher Cut Fat Burner Supplements 

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Like Leanbean, Powher Cut is a powerful fat burner for women manufactured by Ultimate Life. It doesn’t tackle estrogen issues like Leanbean does, but it may be the best fat burner to choose if you are a woman who likes to train regularly and give it your all. 

Powher Cut is another supplement for women that supports efficient fat burning in multiple ways. 

Like some of the other top female fat burners, it uses glucomannan to control hunger. It also has chromium to prevent cravings for sugar and carbs. 

Powher Cut provides a total of six key ingredients: 

1. Magnesium 

2. Selenium 

3. Chromium 

4. Glucomannan 

5. Choline 

6. Natural caffeine from coffee Arabica beans 


Magnesium might seem like a strange addition for a fat burner for women, but it’s a very good inclusion. It helps you to maintain optimal insulin levels. By doing this it may prevent cravings and help stop your body from entering fat storage mode. 

Magnesium can also reduce water retention and bloating. Many women suffer from one or both. If you suffer from water retention or bloating, Powher Cut may be the best female fat burner to choose. 

Who Is Powher For? 

Powher Cut is one of the best fat burners for active women. Especially ones who want to look lean and “cut.” 

It’s an equally good option for women who love to do sports and want to improve their endurance. 

However, because the formulation contains caffeine, Powher Cut won’t be right for you, if you prefer to remain stimulant-free. 

Key Features of Powher 

  • A fat burner designed specifically for women 
  • Boosts metabolism and endurance 
  • Increases energy 
  • Controls hunger and cravings 
  • 90-day money-back guarantee 

How We Ranked The Top Fat Burning Supplements for Women 

Choosing the best fat burners for women was a complex task. We had to take many different things into account. 

Manufacturer Credibility 

To make our list of best fat burners for women, each supplement needed to come from a credible supplier. We could never recommend diet pills produced by shady operators or ones that are marketed without any manufacturer information. 

Good manufacturers have experience in the supplement manufacturing industry. They don’t try to hide who they are or where they are, making it hard for customers to contact them for information or after-sales support. 


We avoided female fat burners distributed by manufacturers that do not supply a complete list of ingredients. We like to see full disclosure on the ingredient quantities too. 

A lot of manufacturers don’t reveal inclusion rates. Although this can stop competitors from copying their formulas, it also makes it easy to scrimp on ingredients. 

When you see names of respected ingredients, such as glucomannan and Capsimax, it builds confidence. However, even good ingredients like these won’t offer you much help if the supplement you buy does not contain enough. 

All the female fat burners that made our list have powerful ingredients included in sufficiently high amounts. The ingredients they contain also have plenty of science to support using them in natural products for women who want to lose weight. 

Safe to Use 

Our list does not have any fat burning pills that provide dangerous ingredients or have a reputation for causing side effects. 

Although some of the options contain caffeine, the doses are not overly high. However, we are aware some women find it hard to tolerate even low doses of caffeine while others simply prefer to avoid it. 

That’s why our list contains options that are caffeinated along with caffeine-free ones. 

Even though all our top-ranking fat burners for women are 100% natural and safe to use, it’s always best practice to seek medical advice before commencing any new weight-management or training regimen. 

Fat Burning Supplement Value for Money 

Some diet pills are ridiculously expensive. Believe it or not, in many cases, these are the ones that are least likely to work. 

It stands to reason when you think about it. The companies that are selling them have to try and go for maximum profit the first time around because they know nobody will be coming back for more. 

All the female fat burners on our list have sensible prices and their ability to deliver results ensures you get good value for money. 

The companies behind these products also offer free shipping, along with special deals such as get three for the price of two offers, discounts, and/or flash sales. 

Fat Burning Supplements Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews are very important. They reveal how well products have worked for other people. They also bring to light side effects and make it easy to spot the products that do not work. 

In addition to these things, reading customer reviews is a great way to weed out supplements by companies that offer poor customer service. 

It’s surprising how many companies send their customers opened or damaged products. There are also companies that appear to just take people’s money and run, without dispatching the goods people have paid for. Customer reviews often reveal this type of behavior too. 

All five of the products on our list have excellent customer reviews. If they didn’t they would never have made the grade. 

How Natural Fat Burners Work 

The best natural fat burners do several different things. Generally, one of the main things they do is suppress appetite. 

However, although many fat burners suppress appetite, not all diet pills that do this are fat burners. 

Appetite suppressants help you to stick to your diet. By doing so, they allow you to push your body into a calorie shortage that necessitates the burning of fat. 

Thermogenic fat burners help you to burn extra calories. This increases the need to burn fat. 

They achieve this by boosting metabolism. This increases your resting metabolic rate. 

When you are resting, your body is burning calories just to keep you alive. Basic life functions, such as respiration and circulation, require energy. All functions do. 

You could see your resting metabolic rate as the state you are in when your body is only using energy to sustain life. 

When you get up and move around, it requires extra energy so you burn more calories, and your metabolic rate increases. Greater levels of physical activity result in greater calorie burn. 

Certain natural ingredients, such as the capsaicin in capsicum extracts, increase metabolism independent of exercise. Often by increasing thermogenesis.  

Research shows caffeine is an ingredient that works in this way.  

Why Women Need More Fat Burning Support Than Men 

Weight management is more challenging for women than it is for men. Women gain weight more easily than men do and generally find it harder to lose it. 

Needless to say, this unfortunate difference between the sexes is due to genetics. 

For one thing, the average woman normally has more body fat and less muscle than a man of a similar build and weight. 

When muscle mass increases, metabolism increases too, the average man’s greater muscle mass gives him a biological advantage right from the start. 

Research shows women are also more susceptible to hunger than men are.  

Hormonal issues are also a big part of the problem for many women who are struggling to manage their weight. It’s not unusual for women to gain several pounds during menstruation due to fluctuations in estrogen. 

Hormonal issues are also a contributing factor in menopausal weight gain. 

Weight loss is harder for women than it is for men so it’s important to choose a fat burner that provides sufficient support. 

Things to Avoid In Female Fat Burners 

We’ve already mentioned some of the things you should look for in a good female fat burner. Now let’s look at some things to avoid. 

High Doses of Stimulants 

Stimulants can mess up female hormone levels. By doing this they can have an unfavorable influence on body weight. 

Unless you are overly sensitive to it, caffeine in sensible doses is okay. It can speed your fat loss by boosting metabolism and giving you extra energy to train. 


Ephedra (ma huang) was a popular fat burner during the early 2000s. Then people had serious side effects, causing ephedra to be banned by the FDA in 2004. 

Although it’s both dangerous and illegal, ephedra is a good metabolism booster so many people still seek it. The ingredient may also be present in certain supplements available online. 

If you see a diet pill that has ephedra on the ingredients list, don’t buy it. Ephedra provides compounds that are bad for your heart. 

DMAA (1,3-Dimethylamylamine) 

DMAA used to be a popular weight loss aid and pre workout supplement. It’s not anymore. 

DMAA is an amphetamine-type stimulant that boosts energy, improves focus, and accelerates metabolism and fat loss. Unfortunately, like ephedra, DMAA is not good for your heart. 

The FDA banned DMAA from dietary supplements in 2012. Many products with it in them were destroyed. 

The FDA’s ban also covers other forms of DMAA including 4-methyl-2-hexanamine and methylhexanamine. 

If a diet pill contains DMAA, it’s best to avoid it like the plague. Worryingly, this may be easier said than done. 

Some manufacturers add DMAA to their supplements under different names, such as Geranamine. 

None of our top five female fat burners contain any banned or dangerous ingredients. 

Can You Buy Fat Burners for Women Over the Counter (OTC)? 

Many stores and pharmacies have OTC fat burners. Some of them even have options that are aimed at women, but OTC female fat burners perform poorly. 

All the best options are only available online. This is largely because the manufacturers of these products prefer to deal with their customers directly. 

It’s not all bad. Although you don’t have the opportunity to shop around, you don’t need to worry about unnecessary middlemen pushing up the price. 

How to Get the Best Results from Your Female Fat Burning Supplements 

When you are choosing a good fat burner, it’s best to go into it open-eyed. Although supplements that help you to burn extra fat can make dramatic differences to your progress, they can’t do all the work for you. 

There are no magic weight loss bullets. If you want to get the best results from any fat burner, you need to pick your foods carefully and avoid one full of sugar and fat. 

Although fat burners that suppress appetite can help you control how much food you put into your mouth, only you can decide what types of food it will be. 

It will also speed your progress if you get plenty of exercise. In the times that you are physically active, your metabolism will be faster and you will lose extra calories via thermogenesis. 

If you want to get the best results from your female fat burner, it’s also important to read and follow the usage guidelines. 

Not reading the usage instructions may impede your progress. For instance, fat burners that provide glucomannan, always need to be taken with at least one full glass of water. A sip will not do. 

Glucomannan needs plenty of water to swell its fibers sufficiently to fill your stomach and reduce hunger. 

Final Verdict – Top Natural Fat Burner for Women 2022 

Although you can lose weight slowly and steadily just by eating less and exercising more, a good fat burner will speed your progress. It will burn stubborn fat and regulate blood sugar levels. 

Many of the best fat burners can also make weight loss less challenging by controlling hunger in addition to helping the body burn fat. 

As we pointed out at the beginning of this article, some options are better for certain people than others. Unlike a woolly hat, one size does not fit all. 

If you have a big problem with hunger, you will be best choosing an option that contains glucomannan, such as Leanbean. 

If you like to train hard for weight loss or sports, you may to seriously consider Hourglass fit or Powher Cut. Hourglass Fit will be the best option if you want your fat burner to be stimulant-free. 

Although TrimTone is a good option for some women, it’s no option for vegans and vegetarians.  

When you are choosing your fat burner, don’t do it in a rush. Become familiar with the pros and cons of each diet product. There are lots of things to consider. 

It’s not a case of choosing the best fat burner supplements for women. You need to find the fat burning supplement that’s the best fit for you! 

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